Paris Jackson Hates Justin Bieber for a Very Good Reason

Paris JacksonJustin Bieber has yet another well-known enemy and Paris Jackson is being pretty open about her hatred of the young pop star. And it's all because he did not address the very serious problem of young girls (many of whom are his fans) cutting themselves.

Paris is currently at UCLA Medical Center after what some are calling a suicide attempt in which she cut herself with a knife and took 20 Motrin. She thinks Justin is a terrible role model for young girls after some of his young girl fans tweeted about cutting themselves out of adoration for the singer. Instead of telling them that was a bad thing (which, duh, it is), Bieber said nothing.

This made Jackson angry. For good reason.

Bieber openly smokes weed and has been in and out of trouble for various driving infractions. And now this, too. Does he care about his fans?

Good for Jackson for speaking up for young girls and shame on Bieber for not caring about his fans. This kid just keeps digging the hole deeper and deeper. Once those Beliebers grow up a little, let's hope they leave him in the dust where he belongs.

Do you think Bieber should have said something?


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nonmember avatar ummm...

And WHY is this considered an "eye roll?"

nonmember avatar wayne

this girl needs to relax her dad wasn't a good role model to so who is she to cast a stone on somebody else this kid is 19years old so why would you want to follow him he is bound to make mistakes she is not meant to be looking at him she is meant to be looking at her family member's as her role model not bieber cause bieber has a lot thing going on with him..and i heard the last time this happened he said they shouldn't cut themselves and it turned out to be a prank

p31lady p31lady

No.  Its not his job to be a parent, friend or physchiatrist to these girls.  He can't read every single tweet anyway, so people shouldn't make him out to be some sort of villian for not reaching out to these girls.

Besides, if I were famous and had fans that were cutting themselves out of adoration for me, I would worry that responding might give them some positive reinforcement.  They're doing something drastic to get his attention and if they got it, who knows what else other people would try to do.  The poor kid is probably freaked out.

nonmember avatar Dalia

Shut up Paris - if this is infact her - its more likely a bad PR move by her agent Latoya to try and repair Paris' image by getting her to hate on Bieber - sad
This nonsense is going to ruin Paris

Alaina Quist

is there a bad reason to hate justin beiber?

Brandon Penny

Sources connected to the family tell TMZ??? WHO?

Why on earth somebody wants her to exploit for any media BS... and use JB as something attractive to people/readers?

The socalled sources connected to the family are BS, somebody creates BS about Paris on daily bases for a reason!

How they know what Paris thinks if she is cut out from most of the family?

Nothing like BS, a typical tabloid (TMZ) BS!

What they want? An answer/official statement from Paris to media and the denial of anything? oh.... thats it...., they (the tabloid media) set up a new media victim - Paris Jackson, something like a witch hunt....

youth... youthfulsoul

I think even if he had commented people would have ripped him a new one. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Carme... Carmen8706

I was under the impression the fans cutting themselves thing was a hoax.  But whether it is or it isn't, the responsibility lies with these girls' parents to get them the help they need and address the issue. 

nonmember avatar Renae

This story makes no sense, why would she be concerned by Justin Beiber after her suicide attempt, like why would his be her first public statement? Wouldn't she be concerned about her physical and emotional recovery, wouldn't her family? Who is releasing this info to the tabloids? This sounds bogus. TMZ is sinking lower and lower and isn't reliable...if they ever were.

amber... amberjade11

Leave Michael alone. Just because he has made mistakes and done things that you don't agree with-and has been falsely accused of disgusting things-doesn't mean she doesn't have the right to her opinion, which must mean something to you or else you wouldn't of read the story. If that is the case none of us should be commenting because whose parents were perfect?

I agree with her, in this case Justin could have used his celebrity status to help those girls realize what they were doing was wrong, but on the other hand if he did then it might encourage more to do it because hey, Justin Beiber tweeted so and sif

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