'Game of Thrones' Season 4 Oberyn Martell Casting Rumors Are Heating Up

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Gregor cleganeGregor Clegane, the MountainIt's really, truly sad -- Game of Thrones season 3 is over, yet I still can't stop talking about the show. Nod along with me over how pathetic I am, it's all good. Of course, we're already gearing up for season 4, because Game of Thrones has some of the best fans ever.

Everyone knows at this point that A Storm of Swords was broken up into two seasons, and that the third book was by far the strongest of the series so far. So it's quite easy to speculate about everything that's going to go down in what should be an equally amazing season -- giving me plenty of opportunities to potentially spoil the crap out of what we might see next year (ugh, such a long wait!).

One of the characters fans are already talking about: Prince Oberyn Martell. He'll have a few big scenes in season 4 and will be a defender of one of our favorite characters.

SPOILERS about A Storm of Swords ahead! Do not continue if you have no idea who Oberyn Martell is! Okay?!

If you aren't familiar with Prince Oberyn Martell, he is also known as the "Red Viper" because it was rumored that he fought his first duel with a blade dipped in poison. Such cool nicknames in Game of Thrones. He's got a lined face, thin eyebrows, black, snake-like eyes, black hair, and a sharp nose.

He was very close with his sister Elia, but she was tragically raped and murdered by Gregor Clegane, the Mountain. Her son and daughter were also murdered, and Oberyn has wanted to avenge them for a long time. This all leads up to ... yes, King Joffrey does kick the bucket, and his uncle Tyrion is accused of poisoning his wine. Oberyn, who came to King's Landing to try to land a seat on the small council, is one of the judges at Tyrion's trial.

The day before judgment, in which they'd most likely find Tyrion very, very guilty, Oberyn offered to defend Tyrion in a trial by combat ... fortuitously against the Mountain.

Though the Mountain is known as a huge, physically imposing warrior (his nickname's the Mountain after all), Oberyn was faster and managed to get in a few jabs. He would repeat how the Mountain raped and murdered his sister, trying to get a confession, over and over. Though Clegane did essentially crush Oberyn's face in and win (poor Tyrion!), Oberyn got the last laugh because his spear was coated in poison, and the Mountain died a very long, agonizing death.

It's one of the best fights in book 3, and HBO usually does no casting wrong. My initial thought for Oberyn was Adrian Brody (just appearance-wise, HBO tends to go for lesser known actors) or Dominic Cooper. WetPaint has a pretty good roundup of hunky men who might make a great Oberyn. They are as follows:

  1. Naveen Andrews
  2. Oded Fehr
  3. Idris Elba
  4. Cliff Simon
  5. Ali Suliman
  6. Michael K. Williams

I'd have to give props to Oded Fehr. Hey, I'd even add Daniel Dae Kim, Sung Kang, Daniel Henney, or James Chen. Game of Thrones could use an Asian actor! Of course, this would probably never happen and mess up with the continuity a little bit, but it was worth a mention.

Who do you think would make the perfect Oberyn Martell in season 4?


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Sandra Jovicevic

Definitely Oded Fehr. He has the right looks, age is right and he can play badass characters. Also sexy as hell.

Nicole Jordan

I had to look most of them up.  But, yes Sandra Jovicevic you are right!

Tally Briggs

Cliff Simon is perfect.

nonmember avatar Melissa Vega

I could see Cliff Simon but Dorne is a warmer climate and more exotic than King's Landing so, to me, Oded Fehr seems a better fit.

Victo... Victoria0785

Dorne's people are usually compared to Spanish or Latin decent people. It's a desert climate, they have tan skin and dark eyes, there are a lot of cultural similarities in the book, so I hope they go that route. I'm so excited fir Oberyn, especially since it's one step closer to the Sand Snakes, whom I love. I love how strong GRRM writes the women of his books while keeping them soft in some ways, and usually pretty flawed.

Josh Luna

I don't think the Mountain is dead. In the latest book the new, silent, addition to the King's Guard seems awfully Mountainesque.

Victo... Victoria0785

Josh, he's dead, just reanimated by Quybern (sp?). He's essentially a zombie and most likely a headless one since his head is supposed to be on the way to Dorne

nonmember avatar Pebbles

I would love for Oberyn to be played by Idris Elba simply because I love looking at him, but Oded Fehr would be the perfect fit.

nonmember avatar Johno

Oded Fehr without question. The Viper needs to be both laid back and revenge motivated at the same time and Fehr has proven he can do both (see Sleeper Cell for a darker kind of performance from him). Also has the right look (middle eastern and middle aged) and can certainly perform the action needed to play the Viper. Nor I can't picture anyone else delivering the lines in his battle against the Mountain with the kind of ferocity that would be needed.

nonmember avatar Olivier Tyrell

Richard Armitage would well as Oberyn Martell. Tall and sharpe nose.

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