'Real Housewife' Tamra Barney Isn't Fooling Anyone With This Phony Wedding

tamra barneyI don't know whose idea it was to try and make us feel sorry for Real Housewives of Orange County cast member Tamra Barney, but it's starting to get old. That story line about her mother's reluctance to tell Tamra she loves her did not somehow explain her insane behavior at the "dinner party" in the "gym", and that make-up lunch with Alexis Bellino and Lydia LargeTeeth was way too cloying. Bravo! Stop making Tamra into some nice little old lady when she's not!

Alas, they won't listen. WetPaint reports that despite their obvious dislike for one another, Tamra has been instructed by the network to invite Alexis to her wedding.

A source claims:

Tamra had a change of heart. Bravo encouraged her to include more of the Housewives in her wedding. Tamra was fine with it at the end of the day.

It's official: Tamra sold her soul to NBC-Universal. If she's willing to give up that much control at her wedding, and allow herself to be pressured into inviting Alexis, who would never have been invited otherwise, then Tamra needs a reality check.

It's becoming more and more evident that she's marrying Eddie PointyTeeth just for the publicity and the spin-off. She's clearly letting Bravo call the shots when it comes to her big day -- if she really cared about making it special, and romantic, and a celebration of love, wouldn't you think she'd make sure to keep her frenemies at bay?

Not Tamra. The more drama at her wedding, the better, because that means ratings, ratings, ratings. But she should take heed -- we're kinda over fake reality TV weddings. Thanks, Kim and Kris!

If Tamra is trying to pull a Kardashian situation on us, she's got another thing coming. I swear, if she and Eddie last only 72 days, I'm asking my cable provider for a refund.

And a subscription to Showtime, just 'cause.

Do you think Tamra's marrying for love or fame?


Photo via bravotv.com

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nonmember avatar bride to be 2

Tamra is a plain SLOB...!! did you see her on the bar table at her FAKE bridal shower!!WHAT woman in her 40's acts like that??, she's been married 'twice..has little kids and is a IDIOT!!I think Eddie Judge is a LOSER TOO.!!Tamra is CRYING so people will like her but she is a BULLY and FAKE

nonmember avatar Jenn

I am 43yrs old..1st marraige ( by choice) I had a great bachelorett party because I was SINGLE...Tamra Barney been around the block twice...she didnt need a party, nevertheless look and act like a SLOB...on tv for EVERYONE to see, she has MENTAL PROBLEMS....

nonmember avatar Giada

I am post wedding, post bridal shower,post bachelorett party.I did not act like Tamra Barney...I had a male dancer etc but I did not behave that way. She is like 45 and this is marraige # 3!!..she also is a grown woman with children..I feel for her children and the embarrasement they might get..also her abused life as a child...well get over it...she wants perople to feel sorry for her...but in life you grow up and get over it

rocco... roccoroc2

How does a 45yr old get to act like a 20yr old??, I seen the episode of Tamra Barney's Mexico bachelorret party and I was in shock!!, not by the male strippers but how Tamra acted along with Gretchen Rossi...Tamra isnt getting married  its all FAKE and for the show...and Tamra had a difficult childhood her her problematic parents...SO WHAT...people everywhere have had a problem in their childhood but they dont CRY about it  they seek psychological help and treat other people with respect.Tamra is crying WOLF and wants you to feel sorry for her. I  think Tamra should get alcohol detox treatment and anger managment treatment  I dont feel sorry for her, I feel sorry for her kids..

rocco... roccoroc2

brideTamra Barney.....NOT A BRIDE

loves... lovesouldoula

Hahahahahahaha! Lydia LargeTeeth!!! Thanks for the laugh! Hilarious because its true!!! And yeah, can't stand fake fake fake Tamra. But hey, I guess it sells. Here's hoping she doesn't turn out like Mrs. Giudice from Jersey.

Susie Cormier-Robinson

She is marrying because she needs a man in her life....period!

Kristina Sirakanian

They're both fake: Tamra and her Eddie, both are doing it for anything but love. Please, give me a break.  Such bull****! As far as her mommy not telling her "I love you" so what? A lot of people have worse childhood and grow up to be decent, respectful of others people, if anything that kind of childhood should've made her a nicer person towards others. She's just a b-ch with phony excuses.


Debbie Vadder

It's kinda funny but Tamra never has her kids on the show!!! I see Heathers kids ,Alexis kids and of course Vickie's.

nonmember avatar toni

I liked Tamra when she was married to (forgot his name) now she acts like a teen not a mother of 3 or 4...Can u image how embarrassed her children ate going to be after seeing their mother with her face in the crouch of the stripper n he between her legs......I've gone to plenty of Bac.parties but nothing like this one..Those women were acting like fools who jumps on cars, ladies u r in ur 40's and close to fifty get over it.......Heather would have done it better I can't see her doing that and she didn't she sat n watch probably in disbelief in what was going on....enough said..

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