'Mad Men' Season 6 Finale & Season 7 Details: What We Know So Far

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mad men season 6 promoWith just two episodes of Mad Men season 6 to go, fans are on the edge of their seats waiting to see what the future -- aka 1969 and possibly beyond -- holds for Don Draper, SDCP SDCPCGC SC&P, of course Megan (is she doomed?!), Betty, the Draper kids (one of whom will never see her father the same way again ...), the Rosens, etc. Who else has a feeling everything is going to BLOW UP in the coming episodes?

It's no surprise Matthew Weiner keeping his lips zipped for the most part, but he didn't seem to have a problem spilling some teasers at a recent event honoring the show to turn up Emmy Awards heat. He actually talked about the season 6 finale, season 7, and what he and AMC could have in store for the show beyond that!

That said, here's what we know (so far) ... 

  1. The end of season 6: Sounds like Weiner isn't thrilled with how he was told he had to end it. He admitted, "The truth is that I honestly feel that I kind of wanted to hold stuff off for the end (this season), and they were like, no, you cannot do this. You can’t change the way you’ve done the show in the past. So when you see the finale of this season, like the finale of every season, it could easily be the end of the show." Weird. I'd rather have a cliffhanger -- wouldn't you?  But also ... I'm sorry, the end of season 5 -- "are you alone?" -- couldn't have "easily been the end of the show." Pffft. My bet is there really will be a cliffhanger.
  2. Season 7's timeline: As far as writing goes, that is. Matthew Weiner revealed that "not a word of it is written right now." (Gasp!) However, he will be back to work in mid-July. Then, "The writers come in the beginning of August. And then we start shooting in October." Sounds pretty snappy to me! Sweet!
  3. Potential for a season 8: While the plan was always for the show to go at least through a seventh season, we've crossed our fingers for more. Weiner's response to that: "no plan right now.” But did you see how he said "right now"? He's not ruling it out altogether, it seems. Hooray! 
  4. How the series will end: Weiner has known how he plans to wrap the show up since the end of season 3. Is he telling how? Hell no. But the conclusion has remained the same since then.
  5. What's fair is fair: Did you know there have been 25 nominations of Mad Men actors (for lead actor/actress, supporting actor/actress and guest actor/actress) during its first five years of Emmy Awards eligibility -- and 0 wins?! Absurd. Hopefully at least a handful of wins is in the show's NEAR future!

What are your predictions for the season finale and beyond?



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nonmember avatar Jodiblonde1

Season 6 had about 6 shows, where do you get 12? If you can't bother to make at least 10 shows why make it at all. Whatever you do on the finale please get rid of Pete!!!!

Tom McCown

I think you missed a few episodes. :)

mommy... mommyIam08

About 13 episodes total for this season...where are you getting 6 from??

nonmember avatar Floretta

13 episodes. Season 6 Episodes 1 and 2 were broadcast back to back. It's been 13 episodes a season since the beginning.

nonmember avatar VitricArt

It's possible that Mr. Weiner has already shown us where this is all headed at the beginning of every episode up to now.....Don's life continues its downward spiral till he falls/jumps off that building for real. One giant flashback and/or a retrospective morality tale?? Hmmm....

nonmember avatar Glenda

ty for the read

nonmember avatar Joni

I'm hoping there are more Don and Betty affairs. I DONT want her to ever get back with him. I would never forgive her for leaving a wonderful husband like Henry for a man she once loved the idea of. However, I love seeing them together. Wouldn't it be awesome if they were to a family therapy place and figured out why they're fundamentally unhappy and fix that? It would be nice to at least see Betty be truly happy for once.

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