Lauren Conrad Reveals the Secret to Surviving the Reality TV Hell


Lauren ConradI have a major girl crush on Lauren Conrad. Like the girliest of girl crushes, actually. I mean, let's be real -- this is a girl who lived a crazy cool high school lifestyle that was eons better than mine ON TV, and now she's a crazy successful fashion designer and entrepreneur. AND she looks amazing in everything she puts on (including bangs). Bam.

It's crazy to think that just a few years back, Lauren was immersed in all of The Hills drama. She was yelling with a pre-plastic Heidi Montag, trading insults with Kristin Cavallari, and crying over ex-boyfriend Jason Wahler.

So what happened? How did LC escape the reality TV black hole? Lucky for us, she dished to Marie Claire about ditching the drama. And let me tell you, her outlook is so sickeningly mature that it makes me hate her, if only a little. 

The 27-year-old fashionista told Marie Claire that getting away from it all wasn't exactly easy, which is understandable. What Lauren had was a pretty glamorous lifestyle, something girls her age would kill for. And while she admits that nobody wanted her to leave TV, it seems like she knew better. Although hard, she figured out the secret to escaping the drama and moving forward:

[Negativity] just comes with the territory. You realize it doesn't matter. It's so simple, but it's a very hard lesson to learn. At the end of the day, it doesn't really affect you in any way.

It's ... true. It's hard to see it that way. God, I can't even imagine putting myself in her shoes, trying to believe little things don't really matter when she has a Twitter feed of followers giving her their every thought on HER life. That takes some guts and a great support system. Lucky for her, she has both.

Hey, it seems like the attitude's worked. I think being a New York Times best selling author and respected fashion designer proves that, if only a little.

Do you think Lauren made the right choice stepping away from TV? Were you a fan of The Hills?


Image via Marie Claire

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nonmember avatar GIA

Yes, she made the right decision, obviously. But Lauren is still a mean girl and that's how a lot of people will remember her. If anyone had a boyfriend, regardless if she liked them or not, she wanted to make her 'friends' choose between her and them. Ridiculous!
What did Heidi Montag ACTUALLY do to her? Nothing, but Lauren made sure that everyone had to dislike Heidi. I'm guessing if Spencer wasn't in the picture Lauren would have needed to have at least one person in her life to direct hatred towards ala an escape goat.
Even Spencer who I don't particularly care for on the show made a nice toast about Lauren and in the end - someone who is out to divide Heidi and Lauren 'plants a seed' of shadiness just to create more immature drama.

You gotta wonder if it wasn't Lauren herself who started her own rumor or Audrina or someone else just so that the show is more dramatic because its narrative is truly a boring premise.

Let's face it, Lauren can't handle true intimate relationships with people unless she is in full control of them and wants everyone to revolve their decisions around what she wants. I'd call that a NARCISSIST - not a best friend.

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