Catherine Giudici Is Already Trying to Ruin Sean Lowe's Bachelor Party

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Sean Lowe Catherine Giudici

Just when we thought they couldn't possibly get any cheesier as a couple -- Bachelor Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici's bachelor/bachelorette party plans have been revealed. It's now obvious that they intend on being as lame as possible until they tie the knot.

Get this one -- they're not having separate parties. Nope. They plan on doing a joint celebration because, in Sean's words, "it's a good way to stay out of trouble."

Trouble? Did he say trouble? Well, shut my mouth -- Sean's got a bad boy streak hidden up underneath those rock-hard abs.

And something tells me Catherine is well aware of this little secret.

OMG, don't you see what's going on here? A joint bachelor/bachelorette party? What dude in his right mind agrees to something like that -- unless his bride-to-be absolutely insists on it?

Catherine is a lot of things, but stupid definitely isn't one of them. (She's a total smarty-pants.)

Um, how shall I say this without being crude? Oh hell, forget politeness. Sean and Catherine haven't done the dirty -- so she knows all too well that he's basically a rocket that's ready to launch at any given second.

And if he has a big bachelor bash with his boys and she isn't there to chaperone? Look out! There's no telling what sort of primal urges might overtake Sean if he's surrounded by drunk girls and strippers.

It would be such a shame for him to have made it this far without giving into temptation only to throw his vow of celibacy away after a night gone wild. But restraining oneself is a whole lot harder when peer pressure and partying are involved. Can't you hear Sean's friends now? "Kiss her! Slip her the tongue, man -- just do it!" (What? You really think they wouldn't go there?)

Yeahhhh ... I think a joint party is probably the way to go for these two. (Even though it'll likely be about as exciting as watching paint dry.)

Why do you think Sean and Catherine want two separate parties?


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nonmember avatar mystery mom

blogger hater, you need to get a life ! I beg to differ and think its Sean's idea who thinks why not have the person he desires most present in his bachelor party. He's ruining Catherines time actually !

nonmember avatar Shay

It's really clear that Mary Fischer loves to write about these two. Maybe if her writing was a little bit more witty and not so snarky, it would actually be funny. Poor and bitter writing is a bad combo, especially if your job is to cover rocket science type entertainment like The Bachelor couples. Tsk, Tsk. I wish Sean and Catherine the best...especially if we get this so-called writer to shut up.

nonmember avatar Kathy

Mary Fischer is just a jealous wench.

Jill Blussick-Amico

People who write these articles have too much time on their hands.

Lauren Gardner

I think it's a good idea, to combine them. If they wanted to raise Hell, then they should stay single, right??

Fran Sieler

thats their choice guite picking on them let them live their life thier way



Ardina Wang

Pure speculation of the writer! There's no truth and leave them alone!

Roberta Howard

Its their party... Let them do it the way they want too.. Leave them alone and get your own life.

Katelyn Endersen

Dont read the blog if you dont like it... Stop with the hateful comments. It makes you no better then what your complaining about.


Diane M Maughan

what difference does it make what they do?  It's their party

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