'Real Housewives of New York' Cast Member Wants Out of Contract Just 4 Weeks Into Filming

aviva drescherThere's good news for those of you out there who aren't fans of Aviva "I Expected a Banner" Drescher -- the Upper East Side mom is apparently having second thoughts about her second season on The Real Housewives of New York. VH1's Gossip Table revealed that the Wives are only four weeks into shooting, and already Aviva wants out. Apparently, she's not sure why she renewed her contract and considers the whole show an adventure in masochism.

To which I say, buh-bye Aviva. Go on and get gone. Nice knowing you!

I'm no fan of Aviva and totally think the show would be way better off without her. She's just.so.annooooooying. Sure, she brings drama to the table, but it's absurd, meaningless drama that's more cringe-worthy than it is entertaining.

Plus, no one is there to knock her off her high horse! If Bethenny were still on the show, you know she'd be able to cut Aviva back down to earth, but since she isn't, we're all just left wondering why everyone is letting this psycho get away with such insane demands.

That, and her father is super gross and her codependent relationship with her husband is super gross, too.

And you know what? Aviva probably thinks she's too good for the show. She went to Vassar, you guys. She speaks multiple languages, you guys. She understands everything, YOU GUYS.

Hopefully she'll ride off on the horse she came in on and we'll never hear from her again. At least she and I see eye to eye on one thing -- she should leave the show ASAP. The. End.

Would you be sad to see Aviva go?


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Cara Duro Quinones

I can't wait for her to be gone.... Can't stand Aviva


nonmember avatar Heidi

Hilarious article and all true! you guys! hahaha

Lauri... Laurietozzi

This is what I have been saying the housewives are all way out there with the bs fighting . I love and couldn't wait to watch them but anymore I hate it cuz of the bs

Judy A Barton

Oh hell no she can go!!! Bye byeee Aviva!!!!! take her off the show an bring Bethany back.!!!!!

nonmember avatar Evie

I like Aviva!! All the housewives show are full of BS, and its not brown sugar!! I would like for Heather to go, she is a snob!

nonmember avatar Donna

Avila came across as incrediably defensive. SHE IS HAVING A GRAND PITY PARTY & wants everyone to attend

Diane Quick Freeman


Sheila Delehanty

i would be happy to see her go, baah-bye Aviva

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