'Bachelorette' Producer Promises 'Weirdest Finale Ever' for Desiree Hartsock: What Could It Be?

Desiree HartsockBachelor and Bachelorette creator Mike Fleiss has promised a finale to Desiree Hartsock's season that is truly shocking beyond anything we have seen before. According to Fleiss, this ending is going to blow every other ending out of the water. He called it "the weirdest ending we have ever had."

Hmmm. Jason Mesnick's diss of Melissa Rycroft at the "After the Final Rose" special was probably the most shocking ending I remember. Or maybe the time Brad Womack sent BOTH Jenny Croft and Deanna Pappas packing. What could possibly be more shocking than that?

  • The final guy proposes to Emily: Whoever is the final man asks The Bachelor producers to please pull Emily Maynard out of retirement (which they do for ratings) and she is only too happy to accept YET ANOTHER proposal. Desiree is shocked and saddened and the franchise is given the new life it so desperately needs.
  • Desiree is not The Bachelorette at all: Though she has deceived us all throughout the season with her demure smiles and good nature, it's revealed on the final show that Desiree is actually Desi, a man who even fooled the producers as part of an elaborate scheme to sell his wedding dress designs. Gotcha!
  • The Stagliano twins and the Womack twins BOTH propose: Because that would be shocking. Especially given at least half of them are married. What a Bachelorette SHOCKER. Desiree just wants to make sure they are doing it for the right reasons. Natch.
  • Chris Harrison proposes to Desiree: I really thought this might happen with Emily, but it didn't. Now that he is single, I fully expect it to come at some point in the future. Maybe this time?

What do you think happens?

Image via ABC

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Puri Shea

Well Chris is single, Des is a Bachelorette! She is real, not like EM is fake. Des's actions w/ the guys are real.

Mike Cobb

I personally would like to see all the men organize a protest on camera aimed at Des' choice of men. 

Mike Cobb

Well, after watching the Munich episode ... If there is any justice in this world, NOBODY will propose marriage to Des on the last episode.  In fact, if there is any justice all the remaining men will quit and go home before the last episode. 

Desiree is a total flake.  She's 27 going on 16, with the maturity of a sophomore.

nonmember avatar Jane Harris

I think her brother appears and upsets all the three remaining bachelors. Then Zac reappears and proposes and she accepts.

Maryann Scott

I would like to tell Des to look at her eyes when she was with Chris and she would realize that her heart was shining through her eyes. They never were like that with Brooke and if she and everyone else were to looks at it they would realize that her heart was speaking for her. Best wishes and I know that you guys will have the best of everything and your children will be very lucky to have you both.

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