Cory Monteith & Lea Michele’s Wedding Will Have a ‘Glee’ Serenade! -- Wait, Are They Engaged?

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lea michele, corey monteithIt's clear that things are getting serious between Glee sweethearts Lea Michele and Cory Monteith, but we didn't know how serious until now. While promoting the release of his second album, Where It All Began, their costar Matthew Morrison let details about their future wedding slip out.

Before you get too excited, the invitations are not in the mail just yet. But Morrison can certainly see it happening for them. "They have what it takes to last. I will sing at their wedding," he said. Oh no! Say it ain't so.

We can't wait for this incredibly adorable couple to tie the knot, but please, let's try not to make it into a Glee episode. If Morrison wants to sing, so will Chris Colfer, Naya Rivera, Darren Criss, and the rest. We don't want a bunch of performances muddling up their big day.

But to be honest, planning a wedding should be the last thing on their minds right now. That kind of event comes with a lot of stress and the couple has been dealing with some pretty serious issues lately. After all, Monteith just got out of rehab. Added Morrison about those well-publicized troubles, "He's a terrific guy. I didn't even know what was going on as he's so professional at work. He and Lea make a great couple." Let's just hope it stays that way. It's hard for most celeb couples to survive life in the spotlight. Right now, their focus should be on his continued sobriety and strengthening their bond.

Do you think Lea and Cory will make it to the altar?


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Wayne Micheal Coates

i love lea and cory i want o mary in real life and in glee

nonmember avatar ReRe

Absolutely!! They were made for each other!! When they are ready it will happen!! I adore them!!! And they truly loveone another unconditionaly.

Sharon Buczek

I wish they would. Selfishly I guess. They have to be happy and they sure do look like they are but marriage is tough, let alone in the Hollywood world. Yikes. But, oh wouldn't they make the cutest little married couple and maybe some days have little baby Corys. Fairytales are always have a happy ending.

Sofronia Sheehan

Matt Morrison singing is a good idea but I hope it is not just for promotion or advertisement for the film (glee). because it sounds like Zac and Vanessa in HSM. What we want is real wedding for real life not for advertisement. Zac broke with Vanessa now he is not doing good in his business at all. We don't want that to happen to Cory and Lea. WE want a real life together.

nonmember avatar heather

I think it would be absolutely amazing if they did. They are seriously one of the most adorable couples. And it seems like they really mesh well together. Can't wait til they have an official announcement. :D

Sofronia Sheehan


   If matt Morrision sings for Cory and Lea's wedding, I hope it is not  EPISODE OF GLEE. Plese don't commercilize the wedding of this beautiful couple. Cory and Lea, my advice to you don;t agree to be one of the episode of Glee. It is not COOL for two beautiful.


Sharon Buczek

When you and all your closest friends are all musically  gifted, I would not be surprised if she sang a song to Cory and their closest friends sang a song or the two for them.  I would love to be invited to that wedding just to watch the beauty of it all unfold..  I can only imagine.  A wedding I would want that is for sure,  How intimate would that be.  I fairytale then and forever, we can only hope for.

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