‘True Blood’ Premiere Airs Father’s Day?! 8 Tricks to Keep Dad Busy So You Can Watch in Peace

eric and sookieOHMYGOD OHMYGOD OHMYGOD, True Blood season 6 premieres in two DAYS!!! Okay, calm down. Gotta take a deep breath ... OHMYGOD! Life is worth living again! And while none of us could've waited a second longer without imploding, there is one little issue with the date HBO picked for the premiere -- June 16 is ALSO Father's Day! Aww, come on -- really?! Of all the days to desperately need a solid hour of time with another man ... even if he is on TV. Hmph. Now what?

Well, don't despair yet! We've managed to come up with a list of 8 surefire ways to keep Dad busy so you can get your Bon Temps on in peace:

Image via HBO

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nonmember avatar Maya

Is it bad that I consider some of these to be reasonable? And just might have to try one...

nonmember avatar Mae

I may or may not have used some of these before...not just for True Blood but Lost, too.

You may want to add that ambien dissolves nicely in a beverage, but you gotta stir stir stir!

redK8... redK8blueSt8

Was this topic done tongue-in-cheek? Because if not it is downright disgusting and selfish. Lets move on, I can't  be bothered to celebrate you, I've got a t.v. show to watch!? 

Really?! 8 ways to get the Fathers Day "crap over with"!!? Had this been about Mothers Day....wait, this NEVER would have been about Mothers Day, because only fathers are so despicably disrespected. It's bad enough that nearly every card out there tells dads that they are useless dimwits that are beyond blessed to have a woman to pick up his loser slack, or that he's a lazy good-for-nothing moron.

Here's a novel idea. DVR.


I really hope this article was meant as a joke. And seriously, DVR/record it if you have to. Although isn't True Blood on at night like after 9:00 or something? Most people aren't out that late on a Sunday because nothing is really open.

Maryah Tapia

I guess I'm the only one whose husband likes True Blood too. We'll be watching together, after spending the day celebrating what an AMAZING dad he is!

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