7 Photos of Kanye West's 'Mistress' Leyla Ghobadi Looking EXACTLY Like Kim Kardashian

Leyla Ghobadi
Leyla Ghobadi
When I heard the rumors about Kanye West cheating on Kim Kardashian with model Leyla Ghobadi, I admit, I was apt to believe. I don't doubt that Kanye loves Kim, but would it really be a shock if a rich, famous dude hooked up with a random hot girl while he's supposedly with another hot girl? Ashton Kutcher, Tiger Woods, and Jude Law don't think so.

But now things are starting to seem fishy. See, Leyla Ghobadi just joined Twitter. Supposedly, it's to defend herself, but I just checked her account, and she retweeted something from Amanda Bynes. What? Ghobadi also tweeted "sorry" to Kim. That's pretty weird. I mean, if you're genuinely sorry, send an anonymous note. Making an announcement and suddenly joining Twitter just seems like she's after publicity.

However, one thing about this whole ordeal is undeniable: Leyla Ghobadi looks exactly like Kim Kardashian. Don't believe me? Check out some of these pics from her Instagram account. The resemblance is uncanny.

Image via Leyla Ghobadi/Instagram

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dariu... darius-momma08

Kim is alot more beautiful then that chick.

Lobelle Lobelle

Oooh, no. Not at all. Yuck. Fame whore wanna be

tomkook tomkook

Please!! Kim has never aplogized to Amber Rose for breaking up Kanye and Amber. Kanye's other ex's have complained of the same issue.

Kanye West with his Mistress Model Leyla Ghobadi Photos Revealed here


singl... singlemomma24

Once a cheater, always a cheater

jalaz77 jalaz77

She is a pretty damn trashy person for having to go public with this. If its true I feel bad for Kim but lets face it, that relationship will not last anyways.

nonmember avatar jules

I believe Gossip stems from something. May or may not be true but definitely believe Kanye had some type of encounter with Leyla the bag of bones

Cooks... Cookster792

Hey Kim Karma, Karma, Karma.

Kimberly Scott-Marsden

I don't like Kim, but she's waaay prettier than this chick. I don't think she looks ANYTHING like her..other than having long, dark hair.

Sharde Walter

PUUUUHHHH-LLLEEAASSSEEE! Kims waaaaaay hotter. 'Ye would have to be a frick douchelord to cheat one kimmie with her. Gross. Speculations people! Sepulations!

nonmember avatar Liberty dolce

Your comments: LOL just so everyone knows, there is NO SUCH THING as a 'model' from Vancouver or Montreal, Canada that looks like this girl hahaha. Who's she model for? Girls gone wild? She does not look like a run way model either.There's not even any real models in Canada I'm sure, not where this girl hangs out atleast. I just seen a post by her saying "what I make in a night you couldn't make in 10 years" hahahahah.. Making all that money 'modelling'? Hahaha. She's an ESCORT. Yes a girl who has sex for money, Canada (ESP MONTREAL-VANCOUVER) is filled with young dumb girls with fake boobs and lots of money that claim to be 'models' but they're really just escorts. Hahaha.

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