Sean Lowe Broke Major 'Bachelor' Rules to Prove His Love to Catherine Giudici

sean lowe instagram catherine giudiciNow the truth comes out about how Bachelor Sean Lowe and his fiancee Catherine Giudici really felt right after filming of their season wrapped! Apparently, Sean was so head over heels for Catherine that he risked getting in serious trouble with ABC by secretly flying her out to Dallas, he told recently. But it was all in the name of love and family! 

Though there are some super-strict rules about what any Bachelor or and his chosen one can do after filming wraps and before/while the show is airing, Sean couldn't help himself, because he said he didn't have a "ton of time to do super romantic things," so he decided to make a point to make a major romantic gesture for Catherine before their season premiered ...

Sean explained to

After we finished filming the show and before it started airing I flew her down to Dallas. I wanted her to meet my friends and my family, and of course that’s strictly off-limits as The Bachelor tells you. I wanted her to see my hometown. I thought that was pretty romantic, just making the gesture — we had to creep around Dallas the whole weekend to make sure no one saw us. I wanted her to feel like she was part of my family.

And in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... cue the requisite "Awwwww!" Okay, so the gesture was a bit cheesy -- and definitely UNHEARD of given the parameters Sean and Catherine were likely given (repeatedly, in very serious, terse legalese!). But so what? I gotta say good for Sean for following his heart on this one.

You would think the producers of the Bachelor would WANT the happy couple to get to spend some quality time together, to introduce one another to their respective loved ones, etc. That's the kind of thing that actually solidifies a relationship. Makes it more real and less reality show. Maybe subjecting these couples to so many rules and roadblocks is actually preventing them from succeeding off-screen?! All I'm saying is that it doesn't seem crazy to think maybe Sean and Catherine are actually doing so well right now, in part he made it a priority to make her a part of his real life right away -- in spite of what the producers may have preferred.

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Now that Sean's come clean about his sneaky secret, perhaps producers can relax some of these draconian post-production rules. After all, if they really are serious about helping people find "true love" like they say they are, they'd trust their lovebirds to be together after the cameras stop rolling.

How do feel about what Sean did? Do you think The Bachelor rules need to be relaxed?

Image via SeanLoweKSU/Instagram

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Sue Romeu Healey

No I don't think the rules should be relaxed only because it is no fun knowing which bachelor or bacelorette is chosen before the show aires. What is the point in watching the show if you already know the outcome. It takes all the fun out of it.

Sue Romeu Healey

I meant to say it is no fun watching "The Bachelor or Bachelorette" if you already know who is chosen for the end result.  If you know then what is the point or fun of watching the show?

nonmember avatar Noelle

the spelling errors in this article really annoy me! Seriously you get paid for this, you should edit your work before posting!

Judy Matulka-Chmelka

I don't think it would make much difference really if they relaxed the rules.  You can find out everything anyway with all the spoilers on the internet.  I think they should let them be together after filming the show, and really give these couples a real chance to solidify their relationship.

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