Leah Messer-Calvert's Career Goals Involve Getting Naked ... But Not Like Farrah Did

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leah messerTeen Mom Leah Messer-Calvert may be a 22-year-old with three babies under 3, but that doesn't mean she's not career-oriented. The reality star is in Vegas with husband Jeremy at a tanning expo, and apparently, Leah's getting some inspiration. She's worked at a tanning salon in her hometown in West Virginia for a couple of months now and evidently loves it so much, she'd like to make tanning her life's passion.

On Monday, Leah tweeted:


While a career in the indoor tanning industry might give some people pause, and skin cancer, Leah seems determined to make some money off a hobby she enjoys ... so more power to her. And she'd make a great small business owner -- opening a salon can't be any harder than managing her toddler twins and her newborn, right?

Even though tanning is ostensibly a "bad habit", I think we're all happy to see a Teen Mom have some professional pursuits that don't involve making a porn, then lying about making a porn.

Sure, nakedness is an occupational hazard in the tanning industry, but something tells me Leah won't be setting up cameras in her salon's private booths.

But if she does, that's a whoooole different type of business then, honey.

What do you think of Leah's tanning salon hopes and dreams?


Photo via TM2LeahDawn/Twitter

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nonmember avatar damien

is this where i laugh?..making money off a hobby she enjoys...three kids.....maybe she will be farrah

Courtney Alexia Rochester

Thats just ignorant to say Damien at least she not our hoeing herself out to pron stars lots of women have kids and are very successful business women!!!!

Angela Burchett

way to go leah!!...hope it works out for ya...way to set standards!!

Marissa Paille

I say its a smart business to be in and any one who tans or worked at a salon know its always successful running business

nonmember avatar Sydney

I'm 31 and currently own a tanning salon (passed down from my parents, built in 93') and I also own a bed and breakfast. I also have a bachelors degree in Business Administration and got my MBA about 5 years ago. I think it's great that she's using her energy for career goals but think it's ironic that at 20 years old and with the 5th season of Teen Mom coming out that she just magically becomes manager, her own salon, and products. That's call MTV pulling some strings, not hard work.

And for those of you who say tanning salons do so well. They used to. Not so much anymore. Mainly because of the new taxes that are being burdened.

She knows nothing about running her own business but I guess it's called MTV gave it to her, not her working for it.

Christina Nix

yes, she is a slut. she has done nothing to earn anything, she failed the test to get into nursing school but she bumped someone else out of the way so she could get in and then quit! how pathetic

nonmember avatar Danielle

Leah is not a slut. Leah has taken care of her twins and has given them everything they need. If Leah can take care of 2 twins, and a new born, I'm sure hat she can run her own business. Leah is a very educated woman. Rude comments should be deleted. Leah didn't do anything to deserve you people talking about her when you don't even know her.

nonmember avatar danielle

leah is one of my favorites. she has done such a good job with her babies. keep up the good work girl.

Sharee Lehtomaki

I think its a great thing that she is indeed thinking of her future.... you go girl!!!!!!!

nonmember avatar la traviesa

I agree she has been doing nothing but sitting her ass down yea ok she is raising 3 kids BUT wit help of her Mom family jeremy and leta not forget corey who also is raising two of them she is lazy lazy lazy and i hate ppl who are just waiting to be handed out stuff with out even earning them what she needs to be doing is getting back in college and get a steady job and work to achive her dreams and goals

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