'Real Housewife' Is 'Embarrassed' by Wild Bachelorette Weekend & She Should Be

Vicki GunvalsonThe real question on everyone's mind after we all watched that raunchy, soft porn Real Housewives of Orange County bachelorette party that Gretchen Rossi hosted for Tamra Barney in Mexico (with our mouths gaping open) is this: Is Lydia McLaughlin a party pooper or was it a good thing she avoided those naughty strippers?! While part of me still thinks she is a bit of a goody two shoes -- bending over backwards to maintain her image as a woman who deplores her own mother's weed-smoking addiction and pledging her undying love to her faith and family -- it feels hard not to side with her in this particular situation.

Lydia is making her feelings of disgust about the wild bachelorette party known and seems to be distancing herself from all the high-jinx and free-flowing penis action that took place during the party. And while I am never one to rebuff a bachelorette invite, I think Lydia made the right call in this instance.

At times, Lydia can come off as a bit self righteous; however, in this particular instance, had I been at Tamra's bachelorette party, I would've been spritzing antiseptic spray in every direction and/or crouching in a fetal position in the corner while slowly rocking back and forth. Here's why:

Before the male strippers came on the scene, Vicki Gunvalson handed Tamra a rather LARGE dildo (yes, you heard me) and told her she needed to take it and shove it up Eddie's rear. I'm pretty sure that display alone was enough to send Lydia RUNNING for her bedroom and slamming the door shut in horror.

And while I'm all for having a stripper or two to spice up an otherwise staid and boring party, the strippers at Tamra's bachelorette party took it to a whole other level. These men didn't just strip down to G-strings and gyrate. They literally took out their man parts and were massaging them all over Gretchen, Vicki, and Tamra -- while a very frightened Heather Dubrow looked on but dared NOT to partake in the action.

Of course, there was also plenty of booze to enjoy and Tamra, Gretchen, and Vicki seemed to be extremely inebriated, as they all took turns trying to pee on a pregnancy test stick (having all believed being in such close proximity with so many penises was a surefire way to get knocked up).

Even for Housewives, this whole scene was way over the top!

Do you think Lydia's embarrassment is completely justified?


Image via Bravo

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Barbara Palaith-Newson

oh please..its all for the camera's..it's a bachelorette party...

blunt... bluntcakes

She wasn't comfortable so she left end of story, no one held a gun to her head and made her participate. While I'm pretty much in the same boat as her, I don't enjoy strippers male or female I'm not gonna lie, it makes me uncomfortable as well BUT I don't think it's right to bash or make people feel bad about what they think is entertainment that's fucked up.

Paula Thompson Staton

yes she was justified in leaving and that episode with the nasty strippers was disgusting


nonmember avatar Joanna Droege

If Lydia isn't too embarrassed to dance on top of a bar the night before in a short dress, I certainly don't see the problem with watching strippers, Heather stayed & watched, but did not participate. I was really starting to like Lydia, but maybe they should have made her mom the housewife!

nonmember avatar T


Kathy Hammond Fridley

I blame Bravo for this,it was way  over the top for even cable TV..........HORRIBLE........And this proves Bravo will do anything for ratings.What has Tv come to.Done watching this show.And that horrible bimbo Vickey is the worst!!!!! Good for lyida,she should not of signed up for this show,neither should Heather they are to good for this porn show.Done done done!!!!!!!!

Linda Conrad Moore

Way, way over the top!  Can't believe they didn't kick those "strippers" out. Gretchen, Vicki and Tamra should be embarassed and ashamed of themselves. I don't why Heather didn't just leave like Lydia did. Ridiculous behavior by supposedly grown women who don't even like each other.....go figure!!


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