LeAnn Rimes Says She’ll Join ‘RHOBH’ on One Condition (Hint: It’s Fun!)

leann rimesAs much as Brandi Glanville hates it, everyone is falling over themselves over how good LeAnn Rimes' new album, Spitfire, is. The new record digs deep into LeAnn's feelings about her affair with a married man and the fallout -- and rewards -- of that turbulent time in her life. So of course Wendy Williams wants to hear all about it directly from LeAnn herself. So do we! LeAnn does not disappoint. On The Wendy Williams Show LeAnn admitted, "My life has been one big country song."

There really didn't seem to be any question Wendy couldn't ask LeAnn -- she just really wants to tell her side of the story. Here are my favorite juicy details.

What LeAnn loves about husband Eddie Cibran: He's smart, his dimples are cute, and he has big, strong man hands. But most importantly, they had great conversations together.

Trust is not an issue. You'd think LeAnn and Eddie would have trouble trusting each other, considering how their relationship arose through infidelity. But nope. "Maybe because of the way we got together and how honest we had to be, he's always been very open and honest with me about his past ... I've never actually had this kind of trust with anyone ... I think we really respect and appreciate each other."

LeAnn denies the "lick it off" rumor. Brandi claims she found out about the affair at a party when LeAnn spilled something on her shirt and asked Eddie if he wanted to "lick it off." Brandi says LeAnn didn't know she was there, watching at the time. LeAnn denies that this ever happened, that she would ever do anything like this.

LeAnn defends her rights as a stepmom. Yes, she knows people judge, and co-parenting is hard. But, "I have the right, as any other stepmom, to love my stepsons the way I love them."

About that rehab ... LeAnn admits she got too skinny but says she's never had an eating disorder. "It was just stress," she says, a toxic combo of anxiety, stress, and depression. "I'm happy now, obviously."

LeAnn accuses Brandi of using their feud to fuel her career. Wendy mentioned that the two women "talk mess" about each other. LeAnn said, "I talk truth!" But when Wendy asked her if she'll ever leave it alone, LeAnn said, "I would love that." BUT ...

I feel like sometimes it's used for on the other side maybe a little bit for a career and so therefore until that stops, until that storyline stops, I don't think it will stop ...

... Both people have to want to change ... I think if it was a little bit more private it would be a lot easier for everyone, especially the kids, to actually be able to co-parent.

Babies are probably happening. LeAnn and Eddie aren't trying to get pregnant now, but she says they're definitely talking about it. "I think we'll carve out time for that."

LeAnn on RHOBH?!? Wendy would love to see LeAnn join Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. LeAnn says she'd do it only if she could have fun with it. "If we're gonna do it, let's make it crazy and over-the-top, based on our lives, but fun." Um, I thought that's what they already did?

Does LeAnn's interview with Wendy Williams change the way you see her and her feud with Brandi Glanville?


Image via The Wendy Williams Show

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nonmember avatar facts

This album only sold 10, 748 copies. So that means that the reviews were all lies. No one thinks this album is good, not even Leann. Why do you think that she is using Brandi to promote it?

Karen Schreiner Lazzaro

Brandy is lucky that Eddie & Leeann got together, or she would still be a housewife! Her whole career (and book) would not exist since it seems thats what her "fame" is built on.

nonmember avatar Jtjqmom

I will never promote or buy anything by her...once a cheater always a cheater.

nonmember avatar Michelle

She makes me sick... notice how she looks down whenever she is talking about her role in their breakup - she does not speak the truth... she played a part in breaking up a family and refuses to take real responsibility. Change? omg... I am listening while I am typing and she is making me sicker. Everything I have read indicates that her album tanked...

nonmember avatar Andrea

I still cant comprehend how every one is glorifing Leeann Rhimes. She wants every one to believe she is happy. God dont like ugly. I have no respect for any woman famous or not who thinks its okay to ruin a family. Sleeping with some else's husband is disrespectful and low class. I am not leaving Eddie out if the equation he is disrespectful too. We has women needs to respect our selves and our bodies.Our bodies are our Temple and as such should treat it like one. I also know that what God put together let no man put asunder. Leeann Hod is never makes you happy with another woman's husband. SHAME ON YOU!!

Joyce H Reiss

Is Eddie working?  Ever since his show went oft the air a few years ago haven't heard or seen him in any  TV shows or movies?  Hope Leeann's album is a success.  The probably need the money!  This is her first album in a long while.  It might have gotten good reviews but I don't think it is selling too well.

Micflynn Micflynn

Hopefully the world holds her accountable for her deplorable actions. She intentionally chased a married man. She is a disgrace to women everywhere

nonmember avatar MammaMel

Excuse me? Co-Parenting is hard? Maybe that's because you are a witch and stepping on people's toes? LEANN IS NOT A CO-PARENT!!! She is the STEP, PERIOD! You can love the kids, but like it or not YOU ARE NOT THE PARENT. I can't stand that woman.

Pam Johnson

I would quit watching housewives if she was on the show

nonmember avatar Cathy

Naive is a word I see when I look at her. She trusts Eddie, does she know he was seeing others while he was having an affair with her. The truth will come out, he is not faithful kind of guy.

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