Kanye West Freaks Out When Paparazzi Wish Him 'Happy Birthday' (VIDEO)

Kanye WestLast time I checked, Kim Kardashian was the one that had a bun in the oven -- but it seems like pregnancy hormones are getting the best of boyfriend Kanye West, too. A few weeks ago the father-to-be flipped out on a paparazzo because he was following Kanye after he embarrassingly hit his head on a street sign. And by flipped out, I mean Kanye literally lunged at the unsuspecting paparazzo. On Monday, the "Mercy" rapper lost his cool again -- and this time, for the most unexpected of reasons.

After simply asking Yeezy "What's good?" Kanye immediately told the paparazzi, "Don't ask me questions man." But it didn't end there. The brave photographer had the AUDACITY to wish Kanye a happy birthday (the rapper turned 26 this past Saturday) and his response, well, it wasn't EXACTLY endearing.

Check it out, here:


Like. Whoa. It's totally normal to tell someone to never talk again after they wish you well! Oh wait, no? Really, who has a problem with someone wishing them a happy birthday?! It's your BIRTHDAY. It's a day to celebrate! Be a real man, accept the gesture, say thank you, and move forward.

What -- is Kanye going to FREAK out the day Kim gives birth to his beautiful little daughter and shove Kris Jenner out of the way as she ogles over her granddaughter because it's Kimye's baby's birthday and no one should say a thing? Bizarre. It's all just totally bizarre.

Do you think Kanye overreacted ... again?


Image via PJaYOfficial/Flickr

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