'Walking Dead's Daryl Dixon: 12 Reasons Norman Reedus Is So Dang Hot

Norman ReedusDaryl Dixon is our favorite character on The Walking Dead. FACT. Okay, I guess it's theoretically possible that someone out there prefers Rick or Michonne or Lil' Asskicker or Carl's hat or something, but that person would be wrong. Horribly wrong. There's a reason for those billion-plus web memes that read IF DARYL DIES WE RIOT, and that reason is Norman Reedus, the only man on television who can pull off that ratty-looking hairstyle and still make every female on the planet want to climb him like the rope in gym class.

Norman Reedus isn't classically handsome. He's not a clean-cut guy meant to play the lead in a lighthearted rom-com. He's a little dirty, a little rough-looking, and so sexy it's downright ridiculous.

For the diehard fans and every other carbon-based lifeform, here are 12 examples of why Norman Reedus is the hottest guy on television.

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nonmember avatar Labpar

Andrew Lincoln is awesome gets 86 million hits. Rick grimes is awesome gets 8 million hits. No contest.

Julie Winkler

props for including his iconic Boondock Saints days and props to him for sporting an old english D ball cap.


magis... magisnotonfire

No argument from my end. Dixon is a god to my little nerd; she wants an ear necklace for her birthday.

nonmember avatar heather

you should have made a 14th reason. his arms. cuz wow. they need an article all to themselves. norman reedus' arms. holy geez. i can't even. this guy... like you said - not conventionally hot - but his walk, the way he talks, the way he kills zombies like he's been doing it all his life - like it was nuthin, his sleeveless shirts. oh and yes. boondock saints. gosh. Norman needs to be cloned and all women have one. :)

nonmember avatar Laura

DEEEE-lishious. When the apocolypse comes, I want Norman Reedus to save me. Sorry, honey.

David Tucker

What hasn't already been said about Daryl, is best put this way. Yuuuummmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyy.

nonmember avatar Onoir

The gun show is the No. 1 reason and then we don't need any others. Whoever put a crossbow in his hands so he could flex those lovely arms is a genius.

nonmember avatar Heather

Yep. His arms. Completely agree.

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