Tori Spelling's Husband Proves His Love With Crazy Tattoo in 'Intimate Place'

Tori SpellingTattoo aficionados get tattoos in some weird places. Remember that woman who got her lover's name tattooed on her face -- after knowing him only one day? Well, at least Tori Spelling's husband, Dean McDermott, has known Tori for a lot longer than that. But still. Apparently he just got a tattoo of Tori's name in an "unbelievably intimate spot." This is according to Tori, not some gossip rag. So it's gotta be true. All I can think is: OUCH!

Tori shared on Twitter:

No word on where exactly this "intimate spot" is, but there are really only about three choices. Shall I spell them out for you? His ass. His scrotum. Or his penis.

Which one would hurt the least, I wonder? They all sound pretty excruciating.

This is certainly an act of utter devotion. Would be difficult to cheat with your wife's name tattooed on your balls. Well, I mean, you could. But if anyone asks about it, it would be pretty weird to say, "Oh that? That's my mom's name."

Dean must be thinking that, myriad rumors to the contrary, there's no way in hell he and Tori are ever getting divorced. If he thought it through that much.

I think it's nice Dean is so dedicated to his marriage, but ehhh ... I'm never sure these name tattoos are a good idea. People do split up. The divorce rate is pretty high, as high as 50 percent in some demographics. In Hollywood I think it's like 99 percent. Hell, what if Dean ends up a widower someday? What new wife or girlfriend is going to want to look at that?!

Getting a tattoo in an "intimate spot" makes it very difficult for your next partner to put the ex-wife out of her mind when you two get intimate. Not exactly a turn-on.

Tori may have given us a clue as to where exactly Dean got his tat when she said she was "blown" away. Are you with me?

Anyway, hope Dean and Tori are together for a verrrry long time. Otherwise, Dean will be stuck getting some tattoo artist to turn his "Tori" tat into something like "Tom" -- and that's not much better.

Do you think "intimate" tats are a good idea?

Image via Splash News

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Erinly Erinly

I got my ex's name tattooed on my hip and then we broke up like 2 months later. So freakin stupid. I then paid $250 and sat for 3 1/2 painful hours having a large flower tattooed over it. I heard someone say once "if it's not something you would tell your mom about, then you shouldn't do it." Ah, how I wish I had heeded that advice ;)

Victo... Victoria0785

I have 5 tattoos with plans for more, so clearly I have jo issue with ink. That being said, getting your significant other's name on your body is not a good idea. I know plenty of people who have done that, none of which are still with that's person. Your kids name or parent/grandparent is fine, they are permanent members of your life where significant others may not be.

Kandice Wright

I have 13 tattoos, one of them is my husband's name tattooed on my ring finger and he has my name on his finger. After 15 years and three kids we decided it would be a good idea because no matter what the future holds we will always have a special place in each other's hearts!

hexxuss hexxuss

I just had to chuckle at your line "I think it's nice Dean is so dedicated to his marriage, but ehhh ..." - just as dedicated as he was to his last one? He already has Tori's face tattooed on him... have a hard time respecting cheaters/fame whores.

nonmember avatar melissa

I have a total of 18, and the last 3 i got have all been in regards to my fiance. however, none have his name! we both have japanese kanji symbols on our wrists that mean "soulmates", i have one on my foot that says "my forever love" in italian, and a heart on my side with a few lines from one of "our" songs in it. he has a few on him dedicated to myself and my girls :) our tattoo artist absolutely refuses to do the name thing, which i think is great! EVERY person I know that has gotten their significant others name on them has ended up without that person at least 2 years later. our artist claims its a curse! to each their own....but i wouldn't do it. everyone we know is aware that him and i are together, so we dont need to "brand" each other! lol!

Celia Argana

Well he just cursed that marriage I put my ex's name on me and now he's my ex plus he put my name on him in 2 places again now he's my ex..........

nonmember avatar marinewife

While I'm not a fan of tattoos of significant others names, my husband got my name tattooed on his chest 7 years ago and we're still together. And we had a baby last year :) I discouraged him and the tattoo artist basically said that we would split up within a year, but my husband insisted. And I actually love Tori Spelling!

Margaret Seda

my sons dad surprised me w/ a tat of my name on his arm. we're 4 yrs in w/ a 2 yo. i haveno plans to get his name on me though. even though i have 5 tats already

nonmember avatar Tatted Mom

I never would get my hubby's name on me! We've known each other for almost 20 years (we're 33) and been together for more than half of that and have a 16 and 13 year old... I did get the signature (Love You Forever) he used on a letter to me last year on the inside of my wrist in his writing though as a surprise for him for Valentine's Day this year!

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