NeNe Leakes Has a Fab New Job & Kenya Moore Is Not Going to Be Happy

nene leakesSheree Whitfield, cover your eyes. NeNe Leakes has a new gig. Yeah, The New Normal may have been canceled, but you didn't think that was going to keep NeNe down, did you? Oh, no, no, no, friend. Nobody puts NeNe in the corner (Dirty Dancing reference in case anyone over 12 is reading this).

NeNe has nabbed herself a fab new job -- and it's one she's going to be damn good at.

NeNe is going to be a judge in the Miss U.S.A. Competition. Kenya Moore may be a former Miss U.S.A., but I think we all know that NeNe will make for a much more entertaining judge. Leakes took to her Twitter to share the good news, saying: "Get ready all u Pageant Queens! I am the new judge this Sunday 4 MISS USA! U don't wanna miss this."

No, NeNe. We don't. And to be honest, the fact that you're judging may actually be incentive to watch one of the world's most sexist and vapid "competitions". Yay? I'm not quite sure what makes NeNe, or anyone really, qualified to judge what's ostensibly a pretty contest. But I do know that Mo Rocca is also a judge. And that's weird.

Can't say I'm 100 percent going to tune into the Miss USA pageant on Sunday, as way more intellectual things like Real Housewives of New Jersey, Princesses: Long Island, and Keeping Up With the Kardashians are on. But I'm happy that NeNe's landed herself a new gig. And if I do check the show out, it'll be because of her.

What do you think of this?


Image via Bravo

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nonmember avatar Sandra Morehous

I love NeNe & will watch anything she is involved in period!!!!

Denise Caudill

 I like NeNe. She is a very smart woman and she can do anything she sets her mind to do. Congrats on the new gig NeNe.blowing kisses

Rebecca Cox Lopez

I would sooner poke my eyeballs out than watch Miss USA ( or anything with NeNe Leakes in it) or the KarTRASHians!!!!! I would watch GOLF ( and I hate GOLF) or anything before Ne Ne or KarTRASHians, TV has gone to HELL ( ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX) all have a FEW decent shows... thank goodness for cable channels!!! Too many darn reality ( nothin REAL ) about any of them, shows!!! Too many stupid fake competition shows, dancing with, skating with, diving with, a has/been star etc.... singing competition shows ie: the voice,american idol, america got talent etc..... How about some better programming? I often wonder what kind of brainless idiots watch this garbage? Oh left out Donald Trumps ridiculous show!!!  I watch Big Bang Theory, Chicago Fire, Raising Hope, & a few other shows, then its CABLE for me!!!!

Carrie Fox

love nene.... very clever lady... i wish her luck :)

nonmember avatar Shesmygirl

Can't stand NeNe. Never liked her and disliked her more as the fame went to her head. I wont be watching.

Donna Abell

Do you not blame the people at U S A padgett for not asking Kenya, look what she did at Cynthia try outs, That woman has no manors, or anything along those lines. She may very well be a former U S A queen, but she sure ain't no twirling queen now.  Congratulations NeNe, you go girl. I think NeNe will do a fantastic job. Nene can be a true lady when she wants.

Cindy Main

I'm happy for NeNe but am not sure why she was chosen. It's odd but hey Congratulations NeNe! @ Rebecca I'm not sure why your reading a reality T.V. post let alone commenting on it? If you hate Reality T.V. and think that those who contribute to these shows are brainless idiots then you must think this of yourself. After all here you are. Posting on Reality T.V. Topics? Nothing better to do gal?

Rhonda Fomby

NeNe got the gig because Trump knows people will watch with her on it.  I won't because I just don't get a thrill watching women parade around, answering stupid questions to win a crown...then you neever hear from them again...until they resurface on reality TV!  lol

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