'50 Shades of Grey' Screenwriter's Next Gig Should Worry Fans

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red silk pillowsThe Fifty Shades of Grey movie's screenwriter, Kelly Marcel, is back in the news, and you would HOPE/think the reason would be that she's officially done writing her adaptation of E.L. James' book. But noooo. Instead, she's making headlines for her next project, which will likely be rewriting The Little Mermaid for director Joe Wright. Yep, same Joe Wright behind Pride & Prejudice who was rumored (for a nanosecond, basically) to be up for the Fifty Shades directing gig.

You might think, eh -- she was bound to get another job lined up eventually. What's the big deal? Well, for Fifty Shades fans, Marcel's next gig feels like, at the least, annoying news. At the worst, it's actually a worrisome sign.

Think about it: Marcel was chosen, apparently, for her keen characterization skills, evidenced by the script she wrote for the upcoming family flick, Saving Mr. Banks, which is about the early '60s Disney production of Mary Poppins. Now, her next job will be yet another Disneylicious fairy tale. But in between, she was commissioned to write Fifty Shades of Grey?! Everybody now, "One of these things is not like the other ..."

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But okay, maybe we're jumping to conclusions on what kind of script she's been hired to write for The Little Mermaid. It could be an adult take on the Hans Christian Andersen classic, which was originally really depressing. But ehhh, with Hollywood so often training their eye on the "princess market" prize, I'm thinking that direction's doubtful.

Regardless, The Little Mermaid may be romantic but it's anything but sexy. So far, all we're seeing is that she's known/being hired for some pretty vanilla, family fare. All I'm sayin' is that for Fifty Shades fans looking forward to steamy scenes galore, it's a bit troubling. But hopefully, Marcel proves herself to be versatile writer, capable of heartwarming work when necessary and bringing the heat when it's called for.

Are you concerned the film will end up being watered down in the steamy sex department?


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nonmember avatar Nydia S.

I gotta say, I'm pretty effin worried about the script now! At this point, I don't want anyone to make the movie at all because it will def be a MAJOR disappointment.

Lenor... Lenore411

Don't know, don't care.  I've never read 50 shades and don't plan on it.

Wanda Czechan

you know if u havent read it or dont care then why r u on this page lol team ian all the way

Taylor Campisi


nonmember avatar Tabitha Chadwic

I dont think the movie will ever live up to our imaginations or expectations.

Otirnica Andreia

Lenore441 what the hell are you doing on this page if u have nothing to do with 50 shades?


Kate Cooley

The movie is going to be a bomb - non-fans won't want to see it anyway and fans will be disappointed in the scaled-down smut. NC-17 movies are all but blacklisted and directors cut everything they can to avoid it. This movie, should it ever actually come to pass, is going to tank. (They're also waiting too long - all the hub-bub will be well over by the time it comes out. A movie was never a good idea for this.)

Hope Williams

just ready for the movie enough already

Liz Young

Also, what happened to the fourth book of fifty shades in Christian G. poing of view.  I am still waiting for that.

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