Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev's Breakup Could Ruin Their Chances at '50 Shades of Grey'

Thanks to Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev's shocking breakup, we may never see the duo on the big screen together. And yes, that means Fifty Shades of Grey. Sources are saying there's no chance these two will be playing Christian Grey & Anastasia Steele together. Get all the details here:

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Do you still want to see Ian and Nina star in Fifty Shades of Grey together?

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Delia Gitu

I want Ian to be mr Grey, don't care about Nina

Maria Maggou

Same article in celebrity laundry... anyway Nina stated that she does not think it is for the best if both go the parts. They would be seen as Elena and Damon. She is right here. It's 50 shades not Vampire Diaries version 2:Delena Diaries.  And yes Ian as Grey, don't care about Nina. In fact i would prefer Alexis...

nonmember avatar Katie

I prefer the idea of Alexis over Nina. I definitely am keeping my hopes up for Ian as Christian Grey, though!!

nonmember avatar Valerie

Ofcourse I don't want them!!! Matt Bomer is the perfect and only Christian Grey!!! & as for Ana Steele Alexis Bledel is the one!! =D Bomer & Bledel .... <33333

Melyy Leon

I dont care about the actress i only care that Ian play christian :)

Ashley Soliz

sorry nina you are awesome but all i care about is ian being christian grey


nonmember avatar Katie

Nina is who I pictures as Ana before she was even up for the part.. She's perfect. If Nina and Ian won't do it together, then Ian is more expendable than her.. Matt Bomer would be just as good, and he's more manly anyways.. Or PAUL WESLEY . Put him up for the part c;

nonmember avatar lol

HA! since when did nina have a chance i swear if you idiots are really rooting for nina to play ana i will hunt you down! its bad enough emma watson and amanda seyfrieds names are even being thrown around last time i read zooey deschanel and alexis bledel looked exactly how THE AUTHOR DESCRIBED ANASTASIA STEELE! which was clearly BIG BLUE EYES,BROWN HAIR,PALE SKIN HEEELLLOOO! EARTH TO YOU DAM OVER-OBSESSED NINA=ELENA=TVD FOOLS! get off your high horses already and stop throwing names everywhere i actually want to see a movie based off a book thats not ruined by idiots that think talent means boring broads with no emotions yes ima hater watever if you think thats wat hater really means so be it bring it on ninaholics!

Diana Salveson Heitmann

Just care about Ian being Christian , don't care much for her acting anyway.

Tami DesOrmeaux Norton

Still want the only Christian there is, and that my friends is no other than Ian........

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