'The Purge' Sequel Can Answer All of These Burning Questions (VIDEO)

The PurgeLast weekend, the Ethan Hawke thriller The Purge defied its low budget and made a killing at the box office. This, of course, means that now a sequel is already in development. And while I would normally scoff at this opportunistic kind of behavior on the part of the movie execs, in this case, I say good on them.

The film ended kind of abruptly and was actually pretty short. I could have watched another half hour to get a little more information, so a second film is definitely not out of the question. The movie took place on a single night -- the annual "purge" -- on which all the violence in society is allowed to happen.

Medics and emergency personnel are suspended while people are murdered in the street, and the next day, things return to normal and society returns to its low rate of crime. Creepy, right? But it ended abruptly after the night and so we didn't see the aftermath. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD. Here were some loose ends that need a sequel:

  1. Is Ethan Hawke really dead? It looked like he died at the end of the film, but I still held out hope that he was alive. They could definitely play it in the sequel that he lived through the night and just seemed dead.
  2. What happens to the neighbors? Can you imagine having to live through the year with people who tried to kill you? I can't. Will they be friendly? Or has that ship sailed? Will they try again the next purge night? So many questions. So creepy.
  3. Is the son going to be sorry? His antics almost got their whole family killed. In the end, it only got his father killed. So how does he feel about that?
  4. Why is their family so weird? Seriously, this movie could have used A LOT more character development. It just made no sense that the daughter was so angry at her father and that the boy would let this stranger in. I would hope a sequel might delve into that more. Better yet: a PREQUEL!
  5. Who were the kids who attacked them? I would love more background on the creepy group of clearly privileged kids who attacked them. I would love a sequel that looked into that and maybe solved the mystery.
  6. What happens to the family after their horrific night? They have changed a lot and they can no longer stay behind their fortress all immune from society's ills. Right? Will they try to overthrow the purge? Stop it next year? Seems ripe for more, right?

See the original trailer below:

What do you think the sequel should cover?


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nonmember avatar tyler

I loved the first film, but how would they make a sequel? All the Purgers from the first film are dead except the family's neighbors. Unless there was still a masked purger alive, and they start their own group wearing creepy masks. It would be interesting to see a trilogy too. there was one thing i didn't like about the movie, i think the family seemed a little bit overpowered for being a horror movie.

nonmember avatar Me

Same questions I have on mind. But please don't make James Sandins dead. I would like him alive. And yes, will wait for the sequel so Ethan Hawke better be there.

Jordan Williams

Um, what about "Who was the guy they saved?" He was wearing dog tags. Was he really homeless? Etc. Etc.

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