‘Bachelorette’ Desiree Hartsock Is Ugly & Boring :(

bachelorette desiree hartsockNo one likes Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock because she's ugly and boring -- that's what some insider sources are claiming, anyway. Apparently, the guys are disappointed with Des and think there are way better girls back home. They'll pretend to fall in love with her, of course, because they want their 15 minutes of fame, but not a one is allegedly there for the right reasons.

Poor Des! But it's kinda her fault.

First things first, though -- Desiree is not ugly. She's really pretty! The end.

Buuuuuuut -- she is kind of boring. I'm sorry! I know that's mean. And I know that there's no way that the cameras are able to catch her true personality, which I'm sure is bubbly, smart, witty, and fun-loving. (I'm not so sure, but whatever.)

What does come across on camera, though, is rather BLAH. She's not cracking any jokes, she's not really charismatic, she's not especially energetic, and there's nothing about her that's really, well, describable. She's definitely not mean-spirited, or rude, or offensive, but overall, she's just sort of nondescript.

This just in: "Nondescript" is not who you want carrying your multimillion-dollar franchise, and it shows. Ratings for Des' season have been dismal.

Hopefully she'll perk up as the episodes progress. Maybe she was just shy during the first two? Maybe Mondays to come will be filled with Des bantering with the guys and flirting with a hint of irony.

To that point, remember Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky? Now there's a girl who could ironically flirt. We were on Ali's side and laughed on the inside along with her when Kasey Kahl sang, or when Rated R. tried to flee on his boot -- Ali got it, and we got Ali.

Des? Not so much. Sad face.

Do you find Des's season to be boring?


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nonmember avatar Trista

She is ugly. And very blah

nonmember avatar Janet

Desiree is the Ben flajnek of bachelorettes. She boring, fake, and can't even pretend her emotions are real. Results...she comes across as phony, shallow, and boring. Even during that whole scene with "the girlfriend" she was wooden and stiff. Small wonder she has the worst ratings in bachelorette history. I say bachelor series producers need to get smart and let the public VOTE for their next bachelor/bachelorette.

Beverly Jean Fahey

I hate that people have nothing better to do than to criticize these people. Des is sweet, not the slut that some want to see on there. She is a deserving of a good guy.

Maggie Kollmorgen

She is not ugly or boring .because I love her season of bachelorette . She was a right to be there to find love

Tami Stanley Hilton

She may not be a raving beauty, but I would not consider her to be ugly. She is a very average woman looking for love and her choice of guys are lacking also. I agree with Beth about Emily, now there is one that is FAKE and looking for fame. No man could please her ever. Des is on the shy side and she seems to be uncomfortable to me. I do feel like they are not glamming her up like they have some in the past and the show sets the date night scences so that is their fault!


nonmember avatar lg

I think Des is very pretty! I also think she is very deserving of this oppertunity. Because she isnt a slut doesnt make her boring. And if she were a slut people would rant about that, you cant make everyone happy at the same time. As far as the "girlfriend" scene, i would be stiff too. I mean really? Who does that? Im sure she is shy. She most likely hasnt been in this sortof situation before. Too all you negitive people out there, if u dont like the show flip the channel... and keep ur comments to urself. Des is awesome and im def enjoying the show this season!!!

Samfan97 Samfan97

I think Des is beautiful. She is very "girl next door" but I don't think that is bad. She seems very sweet and genuine. I hope she finds love even though this is not the way I would go about finding it.

Linda Hess

I think the next Bachelor or Bachelorette should be a Senior Citizen, now that would be amusing!

Roberta Howard

I don't think she is ugly but she is boring... I don't think she is really into it.. I still can not understand why she went off with BEN when all the guys were waiting for her.. I think it was NOT right thing to do.



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