Robert Pattinson & Katy Perry Shouldn’t Be Hiding if There’s Nothing to Hide

robert pattinsonKaty Perry and Robert Pattinson each got in their separate time machines cars this weekend and went to the Hollywood Palladium to check out everyone's favorite Icelandic singer-songwriter from the 1990s, Bjork. Even though Katy and Rob have insisted they're just friends, and friends "without benefits" at that, they have been spending a lot of time together now that Kristen Stewart's out of the picture. Sources claim that RPattz and KPerry met up discreetly at the concert, then left separately to avoid any paparazzi shots.

But guys: if there's nothing to hide, why are you hiding it?

Their concert date is all hearsay, of course, but if they really did meet up to jam out to some experimental trip hop rock music, and they really are just friends, then why the secrecy?

I can see why they'd want to hide the fact that they were seeing a Bjork show, but I can't see why they'd have to deny their togetherness at said concert. I mean, we're going to write about it either way, so might as well not waste your time entering and exiting separately.

Poor Rob and Katy: damned if they do, damned if they don't. Who knows what's really going on with these two titans of teen entertainment, but here's to their happiness, with or without each other.

And here's to swan dresses, too. Just because.

Do you think Rob and Katy are romantically linked?


Photo via Juan Gimenez/Getty

katy perry, robert pattinson


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Dulce Anai

rob and katy arent made for each other they get along and so but could just be friends and if try they will just end up hurting each other

Barbara Corker

" ROBATY " ...The new dirty duo. Some friends you can do without.

Barbara Coleman

Well there may be something to it, but whats wrong with that. Please don' t ruin this for Rob, like you did for he and Kristen. What I mean by that is don't follow them around so much, give them some alone time, when they are out and about.I love Rob, if Katy is what he want,the respect that!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nonmember avatar Just Saying

Friends? Don't think so. Will it make it? No it won't. He's to good of a guy for wild child exploring all she's been taught not to and she'll be bored real quick and he'll be depressed and move on. Friendship over, relationship quickly come and went! Pattinson is about to get his heart broken for the second time because she likes bad boys!!!!

Wileen Byroads

Katy is just as sneaky as Kristen!  Don't trust her ROB!  She is EVIL!  Plus she is a DEVIL CHILD!  Don't get tangled up with her for your own sake!devil

twili... twilightsbella

Shes not good enough for rob. Rob needs a good woman not some trashy slut like katy

Winter Warm

Disappointed by TYT views on this.... Isnt it clear that Snowden has largely waived self...interest for what he deemed a greater cause....... why would he be interested in patriotism then in not also leaking US hacks on China???
As a Brit... it interests me the way the patriotism is so big in the US.... even for those on the left.... I just don t think its the case in many Western nations anymore......

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