'Princesses: Long Island' Recap: Chanel Threw Erica Under the Party Bus

PrincessesThe women on Princesses: Long Island are no different than the women on any other reality show run by Bravo. They are rich, spoiled, inappropriately gaudy, and totally non-self-aware. This is not a new concept. But these girls ARE sort of different.

Unlike the Real Housewives, these are women in their late 20s and early 30s who live at home with their parents and seem to think that is normal. Really? They are also all Jewish, which may seem not all that offensive to the non-Jews out there, but for those of us who are Jewish? Ouch. It's a cringe-fest.

Because these girls are all stereotypes. Ashlee may be sweet. On the inside. But on the outside she is a spoiled, materialistic girl who wonders why she isn't yet married (none of the rest of us do). These women are stuck in a permanent adolescence when their real one left them behind about a decade ago.

It's weird.

Tonight's big drama was the fight between Casey and Erica, which had apparently been brewing since the two were 15. They are now in their late 20s. We could say grow the eff up, but you know, it wouldn't be reality TV if we did that.

So there they were, ruining Chanel's (oh yes, that's her name) Shabbat dinner in the Hamptons all so they could dredge up the past and fight about some boy they knew when they were kids. Grow up. I mean, seriously. If you can't understand people grow and change after high school, then you really need to get a grip.

Even so, if it really bothers you that much, why agree to go to the Hamptons at all? Or why did Chanel even ask knowing the drama that would ensue? Maybe that was the point. In fact, I am sure that was the point. But manufactured, obvious drama isn't drama. It's just pandering.

This is the overall issue with this show. It's not bringing anything new to the table. It's recycled garbage and it's making these women out to be clowns. It's mocking them without their knowledge. I mean, tell me Amanda has no clue that her incredibly effeminate boyfriend would be called gay by just about everyone who sees the show but her? How could she not know that?

That's the issue.

How could Ashlee (and all the women) not be aware that people would attack their looks and all the silly things they do when they act like spoiled divas ON CAMERA.

This may very well be the future of reality TV, but I say we deserve better. This is so obviously staged, it's exhausting. Do I care that Erica and Casey might kill each other? Sure. But do I buy this level of immaturity and silliness at their age? Nope. Not for a second.

Do you think Princesses is staged?


Image via Bravo

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Bill Pearlman

I'm ashamed to say I actually watched this dreck. Let me say this, I spent 20+ years has a floor trader in Chicago. Plenty of Jewish traders. Any one of them would have run like the wind from these girls. Like the wind.

k18 k18

Unfortunately, there are many financially privileged yet emotionally stunted people running amuck on Long Island :(

nonmember avatar Karen

Ashely would have to possess a brain to understand that everyone is actually cringing or laughing at her. Do any of these skanks work? A career? They need to get an education, volunteer in Freeport, visit the gym, and get into some serious therapy! Oh, and with all the so called money Ashlee's dad has? He should have invested in lengthening her stubby legs!!

hexxuss hexxuss

The fact that you sat through this dribble is either scary or impressive, not sure which yet lol.  Add this to the list of shows I will never bother looking at, along side every "housewife".  Never been a fan of soap operas.... and these just seem like the new version of the evening soaps.

nonmember avatar beachgirl

I grew up on the North Shore of Long Island so watched this awful show out of curiosity. I'm not saying that they don't exist but I never saw people behave the way these women do. My general observation was that people who had "real" money did not flaunt it and would have been mortified to be portrayed the way these families are.

nonmember avatar Sarah

I like this show!

nonmember avatar Michelle

This show is absolutely staged. First off, in each of the first two episodes, at least one of the cast members have looked at the camera or off set for validation of their last "take". Second, you can tell the fights are completely manufactured for the all important "friction" required, because love them or hate them, these girls don't really come off as particularly angry or aggressive. And third, the antics by Ashlee and her dad in particular shows that they've grown up on reality shows and know the formula for getting a scene, like pretending not to know you'll be in flats after a pedicure or demanding entry into a closed store during a blackout. Oh please.

nonmember avatar kaerae

I can see how this would make you cringe if you're Jewish, but just remember we've all been there. Now you know how we Italians felt during Jersey Shore, or how the whole south is repped in Honey Boo Boo. I think we all know that glaring stereotypes make for good "reality" TV and don't really judge a whole group by any of these trashy shows.

nonmember avatar Helen

I agree Kaerae,we have all been there. And now the non-minority world is experiencing how minorities have felt for decades. I watched the show to see how they would depict Long Island because I'm a Long Islander. Of course, this show (like every other reality program)is full of stereotypes, inaccuracies, generalizations and embellishments. However, living at home as an adult, isn't one of them (just a note to the author). This can be for many different reasons but it is not unusual for any ethnicity on Long Island.

That said, this show is cringe-worthy but that's reality TV for you, take it or leave it.

Cye Cye

I know plenty of people who haven't moved on past high school MANY years later. But these dopes have signed up for this nonsense, so I'm ok with being entertained by them. My favorite part is how they keep talking about how hot Erica (I think that's her name-- the one pictured above) was in high school. and how she stole everyone's boyfriends. You'd never know it to look at her now! Most of the other women on the show are much prettier than she is. She's sad and desperate and only 28 or so! 

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