Jessica Simpson Accused of Pretending Couple's Baby Was Really Hers

A Louisiana couple is suing Jessica Simpson for cashing in on their baby -- by pretending he was hers. Umm, what? Yeah, we all know that Jess already has her own tyke, named Maxwell, and another on the way. So why would she need a strange couple's baby? Conspiracy theorists, gather round!

The couple's lawsuit says they were at a department store in Metairie and were given the chance to meet Simpson, who was promoting her clothing line. Someone suggested that the couple's baby son pose with Simpson, which he did. The couple were then shocked that the picture ended up on the cover of OK! Magazine with a headline suggesting that the baby was Jessica's.

Since Jess was still pregnant at the time, you'd have to be a dolt to think the baby was hers, but hey. Not everyone can put two and two together. The couple believe that Jessica plotted to get a baby in her grip so she could sell it to a magazine as her own and get money for an exclusive photo of her new baby. Wow, imagine if the mag fell for that? Could they not see that Jess still had her baby bump?

The couple is reportedly suing for $75,000. They say that Jessica's photo op with their baby caused them "emotional distress." Ahh, the hazards of baby photo ops!

Do you think the couple has the right to sue?


Image via OK! Magazine

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nicol... nicolemead91

hell no! this just sounds all messed up! i doubt jess was claiming that baby to be hers..

Kate Cooley

Considering how asinine the paps are, can you blame her? Anything to get them to STFU and leave!

silve... silverdawn99

They dont have a leg to stand on

She would have had to get a authorization before that picture was published

Daphne Hamm

Ok Magazine should cease publication!

Yolie Scott

I have heard a lot of dumb lawsuits - but this is the dumbest one so far.

2many... 2manydiapers

If the posted them in public forum any one could have given them to OK! But seriously its a tabloid.

They'll have the burden of truth.

nonmember avatar LJ

i could care less about jessica simpson, but this is ridiculous. most pictures from events like this are taken by photo agency employees, so the magazine would have had to pay the company to use the picture. i'm 99.9% sure jessica doesn't have any control over that. if these idiots want to sue someone, sue the magazine and the people who took the picture. good luck getting a judge to give you that money, idiots.

Laurie Palmer

Absolutely not. They are the "bad seeds" of the legal system. It is just their way of trying to get some money. Not too surprised they are from Lousyana. Some of the laws in the South are as stupid as this couple. I hope it ends up costing THEM money for filing such a ridiculous case. Morons. 

heethin heethin

Yeah im sure js needed the money real bad that month lol

Maias... MaiasMommy619

LOL they need to sue the magazine..not Jessica Simpson.

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