Tiger Woods' Ex-Wife Elin Nordegren Reportedly 'Hates' His New Girlfriend

I absolutely can't blame Elin Nordegren if she despises ex-husband Tiger Woods, as reports have it. The man cheated on her with literally dozens of bimbos. It seems like he slept with every stripper or porn star who came within two feet of him. It's hard enough to forgive any cheating, but this was uber cheating. But now Tiger seems to have settled down with one woman (presumably) and her name is Lindsey Vonn. The pair have been dating for almost a year now and word has it that Elin is not happy about it.

A source tells US Weekly:

[Elin] hates Lindsey Vonn and everything about this romance. [She's] angry Tiger even has visitation rights to the kids.

Rumors are aswirl all over the place with this trio -- some even going so far as to say that Tiger is still getting together with Elin -- behind Lindsay's back. Wouldn't that be ironic?

But who could blame Elin if she didn't like anything about Tiger, including the fact that he gets to see his children and has a new girlfriend? It must be frustrating and devastating to know that he couldn't keep it in his pants to keep his family and marriage together yet is (presumably) keeping it in his pants for his new girlfriend. Of course, none of us really knows what Tiger is up to. Not even Lindsey.

That said, considering that Elin probably wants what is best for her kids, wouldn't it be better for Tiger to have them around Lindsey, a champion skiier who seems like a stable girl, rather than a porn star? Isn't it better he's in one relationship than that the kids are meeting new "Daddy's friends" every week?

Elin has more to process and "get over" than most women do when their marriages don't work out -- and she was humiliated in a public fashion that most people don't have to deal with -- so I'm not going to tell her how to act. But for the sake of her kids, I hope she's keeping her anger under wraps around them.

At least she can comfort herself with her $12 million manion.

Do you think Elin has a right to be angry about Lindsey?


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nonmember avatar Bri

Infidelity is one of the worst deceptions!
I'm sorry for Elin, but mostly for the children. Adults are capable of handling,disguising their emotions etc but what do the children do, who see Daddy & Mommy everyday and its bliss for them. Then, that family dynamic does not exist any longer, they dont get it and its even more confusing when you have selfish parents who insist on adding their present fling into the mix. Tiger has not worked out his issues and neither has Elin (the hurt,the pain,the deception etc) why not focus on your personal healing and your children building a life where they feel loved and secure in spite of the situation. Lindsay and Elin's beau do not have to be included when the kids are with either parent, they just want alone upclose and personal time with their parent.
I am not just talking, it comes from experience!

TMK919 TMK919

As long as she isn't venting any of it to the children, then she can feel anyway she wants

Carmen Brouillet

Maybe her” hate” and anger is justified since articles on ” Celebrity Dirty Laundry” Showbiz Spy” “International Bussiness Time”, “Bussiness Insider” and others are reporting that Vonn mistreated the children and Tiger asked her to leave his house!!!

Joseph Edward Lee

I can certainly understand how she feels.But to take it out on his new girlfriend is not right.She does not have to have any dealings with him. But he does have visiting rights. She does not haveTo talk to him at all

hopea... hopealways4019

Its natural to feel some kinda of resentment. But at least she got his millions to do some retail therapy.

Daishaxo Daishaxo

Yeah she has the right to be bitter but then again. Why? I'd understand if the girl was one of the hookers he was sidelining but as far as we know, she's not. Elin wasn't expressing her hatred for the other women he cheated on her with. In fact, she became good FRIENDS with one of them. Which is sad in my eyes. She becoming friends with women who didn't gaf about you or your marriage at that time. But again she's bitter. WHY?! Become the woman who was the ex-wife of tiger woods. The biggest adulterer. And become STRONGER from it. Don't look like the ex wife whose jealous of her ex husband's new seeming stable romance, while looking like your still not over him.

Mary Theresa Robertson

She was courting someone else too, did that fall through the cracks...   The two of them are divorced, she should move on or offer to take him back without a pre-nuptial agreement.  Of course he was wrong but the rich anf famous fall from grace every day, check out  Hollywood stars, politicbowing downans, and athletes to name a few.  Yes, I know the poor and unfamous does the same thing but the newspapers do not carry their stories.

nonmember avatar Annie

She was his first Bimbo & he married her. She knew he was a skirt chaser, Get over it girl!!!

nonmember avatar CherryWine

Elin must learn to love her kids more than she hates her ex-husband.There is absolutely no reason to hate Tiger's new relationship.It like she hate Tigers new romance just because.As far as we know LV hasn't done anything to Elin at all(LV had the good sense to stay in the car during one of Sam's game so that her presence didn't upset anyone).3 years later both need to go on with their separate live and at the same time learn to co-exist peacefully for the sake of the kids.You have to remember the children are just as much his as they are hers, therefore the children need both their parents equally.If we removed parents from their children every time they had multiple affairs we'd have a lot of motherless or fatherless children in the world and that just doesn't make any sense.I will never condone Tiger's actions and behavior.

nonmember avatar CherryWine

Cont'd:It was a terrible thing that he created that ultimately cost him his marriage & inflicted a ton of heartache, embarrassment, and humiliation on Elin.

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