Taylor Swift's Song Writing Schedule Puts Her Love Life Into Perspective


Taylor SwiftUh-oh. Look out. Taylor Swift is ready to write songs again, as in she's ready to get to work on a new album, as in let's go ahead and get our hopes up for some of the best breakup songs she's written to date.

There's only one little hangup -- she says it takes her a good two years to get her tunes down on paper. (Huh?)

After the CMA Music Festival in Nashville, Taylor told reporters, "Whatever I write in the first year is going to get thrown away. I'm going to like it, but it's going to sound like the last record. The second year usually sounds like the next project."

Hold up -- two years? It takes her two freakin' years to finish an album? I'm confused.

If it takes that much time for her songs to come out, then we have to go ahead and assume that the dudes who serve as inspiration for the songs were guys she dated a couple of years ago.

But wait a second -- didn't she make fun of Harry Styles in her new hit, "22"? And didn't she date him, like, a few months ago? If she had been working on that little number for two years -- then who was it originally written for?

(Scratching my head.)

Ahhhhh. I think I know what's really going on here.

It takes Taylor so darn long to finish an album that she's forced to change her boyfriends as often as her underwear. Whoever she happens to have broken up with right before the record comes out fits in with whatever the hell the subject lines of the songs happen to be.

Let's put this little theory to the test -- because something tells me most of her songs could potentially be referencing more than one dude.

"We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" -- OMG. This could be anyone. Joe Jonas. Jake Gyllenhaal. John Mayer. The possibilities are endless.

"Begin Again" -- Taylor Lautner. Conor Kennedy. Harry Styles. The possibilities are endless.

"I Knew You Were Trouble" -- John Mayer. Harry Styles. Joe Jonas. Jake Gyllenhaal. The possibilities are endless.

See? It doesn't matter who Taylor dates. All that matters is that she constantly gets in and out of relationships so her material doesn't go stale and her songs always stay current. (The girl is a genius.)

Are you surprised to hear how long it takes Taylor to write her songs?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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Victo... Victoria0785

Since Red came out pre Harry Styles, or at least was completed before she dated him, no, 22 has nothing to do with him! Jesus, that song is just a fun girls night song! It's not about anyone. Stop putting words in her freaking mouth. I'm so sick of the Taylor slut shaming this site does. You applaud some women for embracing their sexuality and then rip others apart. It really just comes off as old women bashing 22-23 year olds

cecil... cecillesmommy

Leave the girl alone! She's 22 and allowed to date as much as she wants, so what if she wears her heart on her sleeve and falls in love(?) easily. We ALL went through a stage like that, we just weren't in the spotlight.

nonmember avatar Wow

This is so very True! for that matter all of her songs could be written about 1 or 2 people.

jessa... jessasmamma

22 isn't ABOUT Harry Styles, she just made fun of him in the video. Big difference. Also - two years is not an insane amount of time. Think about it - Red came out months ago, but she was done writing it about 6 months before that - so she's already close to a year from that record, which puts her in the zone for beginning the next album. It's really a normal time frame that most songwriters unintentionally go by.

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