Marilyn Manson Makes Sweet Offer to Paris Jackson After Her Suicide Attempt

Marilyn MansonIn the wake of Paris Jackson's tragic suicide attempt yesterday, a plethora of people are reaching out to offer their help and support. They include somewhat creepy offers, such as those coming from Conrad Murray, but also surprisingly sweet ones like this from rocker Marilyn Manson.

Today Manson told TMZ that whenever Paris comes to his concert he's going to treat her like a VIP. He also sent this message for Paris: "I hope you feel better. You will be on my guest list anytime you want."

It isn't as random as it might seem. As details of her suicide have continued to pour in, one source said that the final straw that led her to take the pills and cut herself was the fact that she wasn't allowed to go to one of Manson's concerts. So his offer is sweet ... it just feels a bit wrong.

Whether his concert was the final tipping point or not, reports paint a picture of deeply troubled girl. A missed concert may have made her angry enough to finally take action, but it didn't cause the depression she'd been reportedly dealing with since her dad's death. Manson's offer makes it seems like her problems are simpler and less serious than they are.

Also, while I'm not sure who told her she couldn't go to the concert, Manson's offer seems like a slam to him or her. That person likely has enough guilt right now as it is. And frankly, we don't know even know if it's true that his concert had anything to do with it for a fact.

Finally, while I don't believe he intended to, it does glamorize her suicide attempt in a way. She tried to kill herself so now she's a VIP?

The whole thing just leaves me uncomfortable. I don't doubt that Manson's intentions were anything but good, but I wish he would have just stopped at saying, "I hope you feel better."

What do you think of Marilyn Mason's offer to Paris Jackson?


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justj123 justj123

What a idiot are you making sure we are reading it is Paris Jackson you dimwit NOT Paris Hilton?!?!??!!? 

ninab... ninaboo95

dont judge a book by the cover but simply the writing in the book. i think hes intentions were good , but i think your opinon is just wrong !

Haley Maya Unger

Hahaha. You used the wrong Paris at the end.


But I think it is simply him being sweet and reaching out to show she is cared for. Sometimes that is all you need to keep going one more day. 

Green... GreenEyesMom

I agree with Nina. An even if some one told her she couldn't go to his concert and it was the final straw I believe you only live once. So if she wants to go to his show then let her. The fact that he's had plenty of shit during his life he probably knows a bit about how she feels and it's great that he cares. She needs all the support she can get. I don't feel he did anything wrong. God bless her and as a fan of Manson's it's nice to see him reach out to her.

frill... frillyflower

Seriously? The guy was just trying to be sweet. Way to overreact and blow a kind gesture way out of proportion.

keelh... keelhaulrose

Manson knows what it's like to have suicidal thoughts. I think he's reaching out to a girl who obviously isn't feeling like her family cares for her. I don't think he's glamorizing anything. I think he's offering support, but staying far enough or of the situation that he can't be accused of pushing himself onto the family or using the situation for his own gain. You're making a mountain out of a molehill.

hexxuss hexxuss

I first have to say "What do you think of Marilyn Mason's offer to Paris Hilton?" - say what!!? When did HIlton come into this!?

Secondly - I think he was being very sweet.  Although he's very intelligent (if you take the time to read things he's written outside of lyrics, it's mind-blowing really), I don't think there's anything else to read into this.  He found out she missed a concert, now he's doing what HE can to try & help - which is to ensure that not only can she go, but that's she's top dog too.  I think it's great personally.



Victo... Victoria0785

I think it's sweet. He's saying anytime in the future he's going to make sure she has a good night, could be his upcoming concert or one 3 years from now. He's actually a kind person outside his music from everything I've ever heard. Not to mention he's battled his own share of demons so his offer of support says more to me than someone who's never walked in her shoes.

laure... laurenemb

I take it you're one of the moms that thinks Marilyn Manson is the devil?

I'm not a fan of his music necessarily but I think his offer was really sweet. What else would he offer someone he doesn't know personally, nor know anything about, than the chance to experience one his shows as a VIP? I'm sure he didn't mean anything by extending the offer - just that she's not alone and he would be happy to hang out with her and tell her that in person. Kudos to him. Negative kudos for this article for trying to find something to COMPLAIN about after a 15-year-old girl tried to commit suicide and then calling her by the wrong name.

nonmember avatar sharin

i agree with frillyflower- Way to overreact and blow a kind gesture way out of proportion.
i am not an mm fan, but give the guy credit for trying to help

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