E.L. James Fires Up Christian Grey Rumors With Teasing Confession

Ian SOmerhalderBesides the random tweet to remind us that they're still a looooong ways off from casting the movie (okay, okay, we get it!), E.L. James has been keeping her lips buttoned (bitten?) on any Fifty Shades news. Well, that all changed when she dropped a bomb on fans we're all still trying to make sense of.

The other day, James tweeted, "Mmmm ... loving the scent of Christian Grey ..." Uh, whaaa?! 

Here, five educated guesses on what's behind the vague, but potentially telling, teasing tweet ...

  1. Ian Somerhalder is Christian. The actor just started filming The Anomaly in London, and just a day prior to E.L. James sending her tweet, Ian had tweeted, "Wheels down in London-ciao beautiful Italy..." So perhaps the author was dropping the hint that Ian is Christian as far as she's concerned?! Lots of fans seem to think so.
  2. Someone else is Christian. Maybe another actor has been cast and her way of confirming that is hinting that she can smell the guy? Ha, weird!
  3. She just wants to stay relevant. It may have been nothing more than an attempt to keep fans and followers on their toes and buzzing about the books and film.
  4. Erika's signed a deal for a Christian Grey cologne. There have already been a bevy of branded items related to Fifty Shades, but maybe E.L. James has snagged a deal with a top design house for a men's cologne named for her leading man?
  5. She's promoting Lovehoney's Fifty Shades Sensual Care bath and body line. This is most likely the real answer, as not-at-all-exciting as it sounds. Womp womp.

What do you think E.L. James was referring to in her tweet?


Image via Ema Martins/Wikimedia

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Alexa... AlexaAdams

Definitely most likely 4 or 5.

peach... peachpies

5. EL James is endorsing the FSoG Sensual Care line she's helped create which includes notes of Christian's signature scent from the book. It has nothing to do with Ian Somerhalder.

nonmember avatar jacque

HENRY Cavill did a commercial in the UK for a men's fragrance.. who knows?

nonmember avatar sarah

i'm happy for Ian somerhalder that he is in the cast! :-)

nonmember avatar Savanna

If Ian somerhalder in the cast i'm happy. And Ian it's favourite for the writers as christian. He acting the part very well

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