Joe Giudice Now Accused of Cheating With 20-Year-Old Nanny

teresa joe giudiceSounds like there's trouble in the paradise that's known as New Jersey. Rumors are swirling around, as they've done in the past, that Joe Giudice is cheating on Teresa. But this time it's really personal -- it's supposedly with the 20-year-old nanny.

Teresa, naturally, is standing by her man and saying that the rumors are completely untrue. Tre wrote on her blog: "Me and my husband have known Nicole since she was in high school. No secret. No mystery … What’s unfair and completely disgusting is that you would drag every person we ever speak to into your fake stories." Now, whether or not this story is true remains a mystery, but why would you have a 20 year old nanny around Joe? The dude has been accused of cheating 104 times. Hell, he was caught on camera talking on the phone with someone who sure as hell sounded like someone he was hooking up with! It really doesn't seem like he's happy with Teresa (or she's happy with him) -- why willingly bring any female around him?

However, if this story is a lie, it's really sad that this poor girl had to be dragged into the drama-filled media fest that is Joe and Teresa Giudice. (According to Teresa: "Nicole is freaking out now… getting harassing calls at her work, being stalked on the Internet, and even followed.” Not cool.) But also, let it be a lesson, everyone: Stay far, far away from the Giudices. Nothing good seems to come of them. Ever. 

I really can't stand either one of them, but I really wish these two yahoos would just get divorced already. The jig is up. They don't seem remotely in love -- in fact, they seem like they can't stand one another. It doesn't even seem like they're staying together for the kids (which is a bad idea anyway). It seems like they're staying together out of spite and for their image.

I'm not saying Joe did or didn't cheat on Teresa with the nanny. But the fact that there's another scandal surrounding him is insane to me. How much can Teresa take? She's no angel, but Christ, move already.

What do you think of this?


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LostS... LostSoul88

If he's been caught cheating before I think this woman is either in denial or she really doesn't care and only wants in the marriage for money.

Ms.Li... Ms.LishaJ

She deserves him...she keeps up so much mess, you reap what you sow. He is so unattractive anyway...just fat and sloppy and has the worst attitude.

Victo... Victoria0785

They're perfect for each other, both liars! She's so gross to me! I have to fast forward through all if her scenes!

Nov03... Nov03baby

You people do realize it is a TV show right? They are playing a character. If you really dislike or hate a person because of the character they play, you need to step away from the remote. The Housewives of NJ all get along and Theresa is the sweetest most soft spoken person in real life. Melissa, Jacqueline and Theresa get along very well and have been seen together numerous times during off camera hours. 

Suzanne Benn

The amount of cheating that Joe does or has been acused of is about the same amounht of trash talking and mean back stabbing liying that Teresa has done to others. Sure seems likke they are meant for each other !!!!! They are two of a kind and will stay together...... who else woukod put up with their shit ???? Plus they keep making good money from all this gossip !!!!! They are laughing all the way to the bank because os stupid stories ike this one !!!!


Karen Easterwood

yea these two clowns need to move on already....maybe they don't want to give up their money for being on the show....he's an ass if I ever saw one and she's just so naive it's not even funny...they should just split and move on already!

Ij Usoh

Why are people sure a hater and if they were your brother or sister will you say that. The people that are writing bad things are the stupid ones. Many of you want to live their life and  cannot have it. Shame on you people.

nonmember avatar jazzyj85364

She is so blind and ignorant with a case of very low self esteem, wake up woman, Joe is cheating and is doing it because he can. At least Caroline can admit that Alfred did cheat and got caught.

hexxuss hexxuss

C'mon now - like anyone else would REALLY shag that nasty old guy besides her - I don't believe it, my brain won't let me.

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