'RHOC' Vicki Gunvalson Reveals Identity of Woman Caught in Her Bed

Vicki GunvalsonLast night on The Real Housewives of Orange County Lauri Peterson dropped some pretty big gossip bombs about Vicki Gunvalson. She accused her of having multiple affairs over the years while married AND she claimed that she once caught her in bed with another woman and a man as well. She said she wasn't sure what they were doing there, but her threesome implications were clear.

They were pretty shocking claims about Vicki, who can't even handle people saying words like vagina in her presence. Today, Vicki addressed those claims, and said that she was indeed in bed with another woman on the occasion Lauri mentioned. She even revealed who the woman was.

It was her sister! She tweeted: "It was my wonderful sister and it was 8 years ago. She is really searching for story line! How desperate..."

Desperate is exactly what it's looking like Lauri is -- desperately searching from some sort of role back on RHOC again. What better way to join the gang than to start stirring up drama?

I'm glad Vicki is calling her out for it. On her Facebook page she blasted her too:

Lauri needs to get her head checked. The other woman in the bed is my sister. We were fully clothed watching a movie with a bunch of friends. She is crazy and desperate for a story line.

Maybe Lauri didn't know it was Vick's sister, but I find that hard to believe. And I think it's pretty low to go after someone's character publicly like she did whether it was true or not. Fans are smart enough to figure out why she's doing it, and she's not going to have many with stunts like this. And as one commenter on Vicki's Facebook page wrote, "No matter what you have done or not done at least you never slept with Slade! She can't say that!"

Do you think Lauri knew it was Vicki's sister in her bed?


Image via Bravo

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Victo... Victoria0785

Either way she's not the only one that has accused Vicki of cheating on Don, so I don't doubt she did. Especially after how nastily she went after Gretchen for supposedly cheating on Jeff. She's nasty. I hate that we share a name.

abra819 abra819

Go Lauri!

Sugarbren Sugarbren

The fact that Laurie has entered the cast after going off to her fairy tale life a few years ago, and she seems poised to bring nothing good or positive.In season one Luarie was in very troubled times after a divorce, and her kids were all acting out she was useing everyone who was around her.She had a friend who was male that she said was a friend but she used him.Then she went out with Slade and slept with him and god knows what else she did. Vicki gave her a job and truly offered her help and support in many ways,this is how she treats her now.If Vicki did something that she did not like as she and George were begining their life togther, she should have gone to Vicki and voiced her opinion then not years later she comes into the group to stir up gossip that will do no good. Maybe her fairy tale life is not so happily ever after, definally not a class act, Laurie go away no one cares about you anymore, or do you need the paycheck.

nonmember avatar Joy

Vicki is a PIG! She deserves any and all bad karma that she gets

Reali... Realityaddict

Why would we believe Vicki?   She has proven she is a sex addict since her "tank is never full" and has cheated on Don their whole married life.  Team Lauri on this one

Holly Sweet-Steves

Because Vicki says it was her sister it was I dont think it was Vindictive Vicky will say and do what ever she has to to appease those around her. She is a has been and doesnt belong on the show anymore. She is just a nasty person to everyone around her.

Cindy Main

Vicki is my fav on the show.. The lady knows how to make money, be a great mom, party hard , keep men flocking at her feet! She my hero! Love you Vicki!  Lori you got some guts girl! Bring it on! lol

Barb Slusark

maybe Vicki is the one that is lying.  maybe she's trying to cover it up!  just a thought!

Etta Samples-Bredeson

Well maybe is was her sister gonna hve to give her the benefit of the doubt on this one but as far as her cheating on Don I believe it to be true !! Who goes on that many Vacations and doesn't allow her hubby to come along ?? I have been married for 22 years in August but been with My Hubby for a total of 29 years altogether and never have I went on vacation without My Hubby... yeah maybe a weekend with the girls once every blue moon and then there is the fact that Brianna said that there was proof of her seeing that nasty Brooks on their home computer for years...and Vicki did say that she knew him thru the business...and maybe just maybe that is why Don never filled up her love tank !!!! cause he knew something was fishy about her and made him not want to dip his stick in her tank....lol...lol...

Birgit Banyak Van Beber

I believe it too, she is a raunchy women, everything that comes out of her Mouth when she is drunk is about Sex and man, she should of never asked Tamra what Eddy's favorite poss. was, that is no bodies Business....Nobody was asking her about Brooks and what his favorite poss. was and Vicky's poss. she was very out of line with that question and she is so Jealous of Gretchen and Tamara's Friendship she is a B***ch and should of waited for Heather and Gretchen not go off and get drunk alone with Lydia and Tam but then Tam should of said lets wait for them and we all go have fun....

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