Katy Perry May Be Back With an Unlikely Ex -- Should Robert Pattinson Be Worried?

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Poor Katy Perry. It must be a load of boo hoo to be a beautiful, buxom brunette singer who apparently has two of the world's hottest dudes lining up to be her date for the evening ... Rob Pattinson and John Mayer. Wait, what?! Yeah, rumor has it that Katy is comforting Rob after his breakup with Kristen "Bad Mood" Stewart. Aaaaaand rumor has it that Katy has reunited with John Mayer, her ex-boyfriend. Only this time, things are a little different with Katy and John. This time, John and Katy are -- the word that makes every woman's heart go pitter patter -- "casual."

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Two sources spilled to E! News that John and Katy, who broke up months ago, are "back on" and having a "casual" relationship. Casual = having sex. FYI. Says a source:

They are just hanging out. They are not putting a label on it.

Hanging out = having sex.

Not putting a label on it = having sex.

So ... they're having sex, y'all! I mean, if rumors are correct.

Hey, the casual thing is a brilliant arrangement. You get all of the highs -- and none of the lows. You get the orgasm. But you don't have to help your partner bring a sick pet to the vet. You get the champagne dinners. But you don't have to take out the garbage. You get the hot tub make-out sessions. And you get them with other men/women. You get the giggles. You don't have to listen to 'em bitch.

Wouldn't it be great if all relationships were like this, all the time? The problem is they're NOT REAL. They're an illuuuuuusion. It's orgasms, champagne, and giggles for awhile and then it's "Why didn't you call?" "Who's text messaging you?" "Where is this going?" Blah blah blah.

Ah, human nature. Well, I wish Katy and John luck with their "casual" relationship. Often those end up being anything but casual. Unless by casual you mean casually annoying and complicated.

Anyway, I hope Rob isn't too miffed that John is getting a bit of Katy action. Doesn't sound too serious anyway. As for Kristen, this might be a bit of good news!

Have you ever had a casual relationship that didn't turn into a heaving hot mess?


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nonmember avatar Bonnie

It is so mean to always rag on Kristen as "bad mood" "grumpy" etc... She is shy and has been through a lot. Leave her alone. From all accounts that I've read, she is sweet. She just doesn't lie YOU, the Nast, imposing paparazzi. Back off

nonmember avatar Lena

I agree with Bonnie on Kristen. That was just horribly biased.

nonmember avatar lc

Either Katy is stupid, thinking she can "turn" him into a boyfriend eventually. Or she is slut... Or it is just all bull....t to hide the relationship between her and rob. I don't think Kristen fans care any more. If all the rumours are true she is better off without her boyfriend and her great "girlfriend". From what I heard Kristen is just very shy person.

nonmember avatar Sharon

This is nothing but complete crap. How does anyone no whats going on are they sleeping under there bed

nonmember avatar Angie

Kristen IS shy. I saw an Oprah interview with Kris Rob and Taylor and Oprah commented on Kris shyness. Hope Kris and Rob do well. MAYBE someday they will come back to each other. Kris has bled enough and deserves to be free and happy. They have both been through a lot. Love them both. Katy is no ones friend and never was. She has trouble with her own relationships. Notice how she has not contacted Kris. Some friend. Hope she does get back with Mayer. She needs a man who commands her not Rob.

nonmember avatar Guest

Robert Pattinson is a JERK!He should have not gotten back with Kristen. Maybe he wanted to hurt Kristen the way he wants people to think she hurt him? If he didn't want her she should have let her go then. Maybe Rob is a manipulating Jerk! I now believe that there were problems before Kristen's alleged affair. There is always more to the story that is told. On KP website there is a new admission that KP has always been harboring feeling for Rob. Now she is consoling him, right! Where are Rob's male friends? Why does he need KP, oh yea, they have fun together. Life isn't about partying and having fun all the time, which is apparently what Rob and KP do. Grow up. Could it be Rob didn't return Kristen's affections and she stupidly made a BAD "momentarily laps in judgement with RS; and KP makes better judgement decisions, come on. Rob you and KP deserve each other. It won't last. Kristen let him go....You're better off without him.

Kristine Japitana

this is crap! like really? we'll never know what's going on with their personal life. ahhh, just waiting for katy to say something not direct like Gross! as if!

nonmember avatar asia

Will always support you kristen!!

Mari Tan

So so Stupid articles, all in your mind but no bases.  Katy is only using Rob to get back to John.  To make John jealous, apparently John taking it in, wihich is not bad at all.  Give RPatz and Kristen the time, they will be all over each other,.  And your write up will turn 360 degree around.  Katy don't care about her friends, The me me me is the only important to her. I'll said it, Katy is not Rob cup of tea, unless he changed his taste the kind of woman he wants, but Kristen will stay with him when the dust is seattle.

nonmember avatar csyd

Why does Rob Pattinson always need "comforting" from Katy Perry? Is he a ten-year-old boy? No adult male worth their salt would follow Katy from the Bowery in New York City to a luxury resort in Santa Barbara for comfort. Unless comfort is straight up code for sex. Pattinson has to be the biggest cad yet! What an idiot.

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