Gift Guide-Tech Savvy

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What will you get the the Tech Savvy in your life?

The Tech Savvy is always a step ahead of the crowd. This person knows about the coolest gadgets, bestselling books and cool movies. We've got some gift ideas that will knock the Tech Savvy's geeky socks off!

Product:  Reality Check: The Irreverent Guide to Outsmarting, Out Managing, and Out Marketing Your Competition book

Cost: $18.65

Where to,

Extras: The author is beloved by the Tech Savvy crowd.

Why I Love It: Author Guy Kawasaki is a Silicon Valley tech guru. He provides useful advice for small businesses, delivered with humor and wit.


Product:  The Dark Knight DVD

Cost: $14.99-$15.86

Where to,

Extras: Dark Knight goes on sale Tuesday, December 9th!

Why I Love It:  Batman is a techie. He has the latest computers and gadgets. This is an excellent movie, and did I mention Christian Bale is dreamy?


Photo by: Primeval/ITV

Product:  Primeval: Season One and Two DVD

Cost: $34.99

Where to

Extras: Everything sounds better with a British accent.

Why I Love It:  Produced by Britain's ITV, this show is similar to BBC's Doctor Who. The best way to describe Primeval: CSI meets Jurassic Park in the UK. With aliens and time travel.

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