Kristen Stewart's 'Amazing' Dance Skills May Help Her Overcome Heartbreak

kristen stewartThere are always two sides to every story -- especially those involving Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. The latest on KStew is no different. When reports surfaced that the actress attended her Catch That Kid co-star Max Thieriot's wedding over the weekend, the buzz was that she went solo and seemed aloof and sort of "whatever" about the happy occasion. (Big surprise. Classic Kristen.) Well, now, there's a counter-story floating around, based on what other guests had to say about her appearance ...

Apparently, according to Max's sister, who took to Instagram with a post-wedding report, Kristen actually had fun. And not just that, but she proved herself to be "an amazing dancer." Say whaaat?!

The younger Thieriot posted:

OMGEEEE DEAR KRISTEN, thank you so much for last night I had so much fun with you. from dancing to teaching us dance moves with John talking to you was amazing and you are the sweetest person. 

The smitten fan later added, explaining:

Shes my brothers best friend I just met her. she’s the sweetest person and she’s absolutely beautiful and an amazing dancer.

Aww, that's adorable! And further proof the breakup must not be preventing her from getting on with her life. Because, hello, it's not that easy to bust hot moves on the dance floor when you're utterly heartbroken and depressed! Err, well, maybe it is, but for argument's sake, let's just assume this is a good sign!

What's more, who knew the woman could dance?! Kristen always seems so awkward, like she's not comfortable in her own skin -- which doesn't exactly seem to lend itself to pulling a Julianne Hough. But a great wedding DJ or band (and, let's be honest, a drink or two) can definitely bring out some people's hidden talents! Maybe Kristen has potential ...

That said, could a slot on a future Dancing with the Stars cast be in the cards for her? It seems like she would think she's above that, but who knows? Never say never!

Could you see KStew signing on for DWTS?


Image via Tom Sorenson/Wikimedia Commons

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rccola rccola

 I say, way to go Kristen. Robert may not be the, REAL, one for you, after all.blowing kisses.

Melissa Pauline Enderle Kern

who cares if she can dance she's still a horrible actress and twilight is still the worse movie ever made and this is coming from a die hard vampire fan so yeah.

nonmember avatar Megan

Of course Kristen can dance! She's in the movie "On The Road" & she dances really well in the new years scene.

nonmember avatar Jacob

Um, she was smiling and looked happy in the photos. The tweets said she was pretty nice and mingled with the guest. How is that aloof? I'm not even a fan of KStew (a fan of Max), but this is just dumb and obviously fake. the girl could say the sky was blue and you'd find a way to be mean about her. and I trust the actual "tweets" over whatever crap you guys are spilling. I used to love The Stir, but it so tabloid and you guys don't even do any basic research anymore.

Patricia Rust

First of all Maressa stop bad mouthing Kristen every chance you get.

Just because she was having a good time at a friends wedding dont mean she is'nt heartbroken about Rob, If she was at home cring you would have something to say about that too. So leave the poor girl alone and let her cope with the situation in her own way,for God sake. leave her alone,


seely... seely1979

She does not seem as sad as she did a year ago. Maybe she finally realized she does not need Rob to make her happy. Kristen has more talent in her little finger than Rob is ever going to have. Go get them Kristen. You do not need rock

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