Jenelle Evans’ Response to Ex Kieffer Delp’s Cry for Help Is One You’ve Got to See

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jenelle evansThe Teen Moms are an endless source of scandal -- and most of it revolves around their many relationship messes. Take Jenelle Evans for instance. Who could forget her drug-fueled romance with Kieffer Delp. It was like watching a head-on train collision in slow motion. During season 4 of Teen Mom 2, they started using heroin together. She eventually left him because of it, which was probably the most adult move she had ever made -- until now. While Jenelle and Kieffer are not back together, what she recently did for him reveals how mature this once-disastrous reality star is becoming.

She is reportedly now clean and sober thanks to Narcotics Anonymous, but her ex may not have fared so well. His recent tweets are certainly worrisome. When a Twitter follower called him a "crackhead," he shot back, "Smack head [heroin] get it rite if your God to judge me."

More disturbingly, he also wrote:

I'm hurting so f—  bad I can taste it in my throat.... please.... someone... Please...

Everyone immediately suspected he was going through some sort of withdrawal -- or at least hoped that was the case. While it's not clear what is going on with the poor guy, he is clearly struggling, and it was nice to see that Jenelle reached out to offer him some much needed support. She wrote:

I promise u, u can make it through this.

Honestly, I think Jenelle’s reaction to his tweets was one of the most mature, grown-up things she has ever done. It can be hard to help out an ex, especially if the relationship was particularly rocky or troubled. Kieffer had once admitted that he peer pressured Jenelle into using the drug. She offers real sincere words of encouragement. Kieffer was certainly grateful, writing, "I sure as f-- will ... I won't give up." Let's hope so.

What do you think of Jenelle's tweet to Kieffer?


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Teresa Michael

Hey, if there's one thing i know is being a addict and "HEROIN is a drug i wished i never done. I'm clean 9years and if you really want to stop you can. I will say this i had a strong support team thank God for Family and Kieffer  needs one and i don't think Jenell should be his them two are toxic together but apart with i think they both can get and stay clean. I'm wishing them the best. God Bless

Bobbie York

I think she knows he can get sober...If she can do it he can do it to...Maybe she is willing to help him in anyway she can..Hes obviously crying out for help in his tweets.

Brandy Barnett

One of Jenelle's strengths is that she does show compassion (except to her mother which is really sad) I just wish she would get sentenced to a year of rehab away from all men so she could get her life in order and learn to have a healthy relationship. The men she attracts are all whackjobs for lack of a better term.

Erika Selke

I dont get why everybody hates Keifer ? He didnt force her to do drugs , he was the one I liked. Yeah they were BOTH strung out but it was her decision to try drugs. He didnt hold a gun to her head. She could of said no. He was the one that didn't beat her or anything. I rooted for him and its a good thing shes reaching out to him if he needs help.

SImom88 SImom88

i agree wit erika selke! i liiked keifer as well. he didnt force her to do drugs. they prob shouldnt be together until they r both clean cause they might just drag eachother down......or they could help eachother stay clean. but unless they r 100% sure that they could stay clean while bein together then they should stay away. but he was really into her, hes my fav bf of hers so far

Green... GreenEyesMom

True that. Best of luck to them both. An the only time he ever laid a hand on her was when we was trying to grab her to hold her and calm her down. It's really to bad that they are both having such a hard time. I really hope they can get everything together for their own sake. I think they are both really missunderstood. Good luck and god bless.

deszi... deszirr24

Jenelle is really a sweeting caring person, but shes bipolar so it makes her erratic and drugged out. I hope the best for her.

Chrystal Lukaszek

ok for one if you would of watch the dr. drew episode she said keifer is the one that injected her with heroin because she did not know how to use it so there keifer could have just said no so keifer is the one to blame for that but i agree both are in the wrong only a true person that wants to quit would not cry and wine about it my bro did it and has been clean for quite some time now and when she was sober and on probation we all seen a different jenelle i dont hate jenelle just dislike her choices

Julie Simonis

I think he is just another drug for her. She needs to stay away from him.

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