This Season’s ‘Bachelorette’ Villain Is a Bentley Williams Copy-Cat (VIDEO)

bachelorette desiree hartsockOn the season 9 premiere of The Bachelorette, I think we all kind of fell in love with Ben Scott. First of all, his son Brody is adorable. I mean, when Brody said in that small voice that he wanted to stay and go to the party with his dad, hearts across Bachelor Nation exploded. Ben's too-cute-for-words toddler, his dimples, nice smile, and soft Southern accent quickly positioned him as a front runner.

But tonight? All hell's about to break loose. In this, the second episode of the season, Ben exposes himself as the villain, and he's totally the new Bentley.

You remember Bentley Williams from Ashley Hebert's season, right? He was really good looking, bizarrely charming in person, and a total dick behind her back. He lamented to cameras that he wished Emily Maynard had been the Bachelorette and openly discussed his plot to destroy Ashley and the other guys. Bentley "dot dot dot" Williams even used his toddler daughter as an excuse to leave the show, when really it was because he just wasn't that into Ashley.

And Ben's starting to sound like Bentley's doppelganger. Not only do they kind of look alike, but it seems as if Ben's taken a page out of Bentley's playbook and has decided to win Desiree's heart, just because he can, then leave her high and dry. All the guys hate him, as they did Bentley, and if there's anyone who isn't "there for the right reasons", it's 100 percent Ben.

Weirdest part about it, though, is that you'd think Ben and Bentley would actually be pretty standup guys since they're both single dads, but in this case, the opposite is true. Neither Bentley nor Ben seemed or seems particularly interested in setting a good example for their children while on national TV. These two are manipulative and unkind -- pretty much the worst role models ever.

Which is to say, bring on the drama -- this season with Ben is going to be amazing.

Watch a clip of tonight's episode in which Ben shows his evil side:

Do you think Ben's the villain?


Photo via ABC

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Victo... Victoria0785

As a single woman, introducing your kid right away is a red flag, period. It's ok to say you have a kid or show a picture, but I want to get to know the man first and see where it's going before bringing in a kid that doesn't understand adult relationships and have there feelings hurt if it doesn't work out. I've dated single dads and kids are 100% extra stress/pressure on the relationship, especially at the beginning. That he brought his kid there that first night seemed like a gimmick to me, a way to get her to open up faster, which seems untrustworthy to me.

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