Kristen Stewart Goes to Wedding Alone After Robert Pattinson Split So Clearly She's Over Him

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Kristen StewartYeah, so typically right after a breakup, the last thing you want to do is surround yourself with people who are all happy and in love and all sorts of nauseatingly blissful. (Barf.)

And that's why odds are good that it had to suck for Kristen Stewart to attend a wedding alone in the wake of her split from Robert Pattinson. This past Saturday, her co-star from Catch That Kid, Max Thieriot, married Lexi Murphy, and Kristen went to the little shin-dig all by her lonesome self. (Aww. That's so sad. But not really.)

Supposedly she "kept her head down" and "mingled with other guests," which sounds like classic KStew behavior. You know, be cool -- but not too cool.

OMG. Can you even begin to imagine what kind of thoughts must have been going through her head while she sat there watching two people promise to love each other for the rest of their lives? (Barf again.)

Ugh. Weddings. They're the worst.

She must have wanted to either a.) high-tail it out of there in the middle of the ceremony and go have a good cry in a corner somewhere, or b.) find a time machine to go back to the day she played tonsil hockey with Rupert Sanders and double check to be sure there were no photographers lurking around.

Either that, or she really didn't care at all and she's already over Rob, which is why she had no qualms about attending a wedding and setting herself up for being reminded of her recent breakup multiple times over the course of one day. (Whew.)

Huh. Now that I think about it a little more, she must really be ready to move on with her life after losing Rob. If she was really upset about it, there's no way she would've been able to make it through that wedding without getting emotional. (What semi-normal human being would?)

But what will happen if Rob turns up at a wedding sometime soon? Will he be able to handle it? Oh yeah, you're right. He'll have every single bridesmaid and female guest throwing themselves at him, so odds are good it won't take too long for him to forget Kristen exists altogether.

Do you think Kristen was brave to attend a wedding so soon after a breakup?


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Shirley Sorrow

Mary, how about that they are still very much in love with each other.  I don't believe that they are broken up, but are screwing with all of the trash magagines & websites (like The Stir).  From the way they reacted last July to the way they are acting now is totally different.  What ever is going on is not for the general public to know.  I wish you would stop dreaming up lies even if it means not writing anything about Rob & Kristen.  In the long run they will have the last laugh!

Tricia Cox Randles

I am so sick how you right about her a lot of it is not true at all and it gets the facts right or don't right anything at is called bullying on someone you really don't know how they really are inside and out! I would believe Hollywood E over anyone and none of this was said at all!

seely... seely1979

What is the news here. She has been alone for a long time. Rob only goes out at night with her. To a bar or to eat. He does not want to be seen with her by the public. Kristen is doing great for what she has been through lately. Rob is a douche bag and Kristen deserves better.

Barbara Coleman

WELL Seely she's got her chance to do better, Rob has dumped her. Rob is not ready to let people know who he has chosen. Love you Rob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gloria Hovis

In reply to Shirley Sorrow. I agree with you some of this people they don't know what they are talking about they are made up lies and false reports to mix up peoples minds to get them upset so they cankeep these sites open by telling false stories. That's how there making there money as long as people come here they will keep. Why even the tabloids and these magazines all they do is copy others to make a story up but  some do make up some of there own by changing the wording a little if you look you see what I'm saying. I will just wait and see what happens AND if it comes out as lies then I will be laughing. and Robert and Kristen will also be laughing as well now that will be funny I would really like to see that when/if it happens. I am a fan of both R/K I wish them the best of luck together or not together love both of them so good luck, be happy be at peace and love.

Lulu Collazo

... It's so great to see that Kristen is going to a friends wedding and not being holed up feeling sorry for herself and crying for stupid, yes stupid!!! ex Rob who now seems to be called Robaty, Good God! I am happy for her, and by the way, she looks beautiful!!! Cheers!!

Twoloveybunnies Lori

Mary Fischer has absolutely no inside knowledge about Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, how their might feel or the status of their relationship.  She's bitchy, sarcastic and a "mean girl" bully when it comes to Kristen Stewart and all she really does is like to rile people up so that they'll comment on her stupid little stories.  I don't understand someone who would write things like this about a person they don't even know.   I feel sorry for your children - I hope that you don't have daughters, because you have no respect for women or the mistakes they may have made in their lives and if they ever do something stupid how will you ever forgive them.   You must be perfect.

nonmember avatar Ron

Rob never admitted dating her,so she was alone all this time.Chances are she feels calm and peaceful after l those years of struggle his approval or acceptance of his fans.

Melanie Nelson

She is an do you know how she was feeling....she could have looked fine on the outside but dying on the could have been all an act so people would think that she was over him.

nonmember avatar Shirley

I like and will always like Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. They are still young yet and one never knows. I like them as people and actors

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