Kate Middleton’s Well Aware She’ll Steal the Spotlight at Ex-Boyfriend’s Wedding

kate middletonDoth the Duchess of Cambridge have a vindictive side? Kate Middleton and Prince William have been invited to four high-society weddings this coming weekend, but their schedules will only allow for them to attend one. Wills apparently wants to go to a close friend's wedding in Wiltshire while Kate wants to go to Rupert Finch's ceremony. Name sound familiar? Rupert is Kate's ex-boyfriend.

Dun dun DUN!

Kate's ex is marrying designer Natasha Rufus, and allegedly, the Duchess wouldn't miss it for the world. But why, exactly, is Kate so adamant about going?

It could be because she wants to support her old friend, Rupert, and celebrate this momentous day in his life with fellow friends and family gathered to cheers to eternal happiness and love. Maybe she wants to eat delicate finger food in the corner and privately watch from a safe distance as Rupert and Natasha take to the floor for their first dance as husband and wife, and nod with approval and affection.

Or does Kate want to go because she's blissfully aware that her presence will draw attention away from the bride, ultimately making the wedding about her, when really it should be about Rupert and Natasha. Is she going just to spite them? Is she going because she secretly wants to sabotage their big day?

I'd hate to think that Kate has even the smallest of evil bones in her body, but I've seen too many ABC Family movies to believe that a Princess actually is perfect. There's the possibility for a mean girl streak in everyone and anyone; Kate's no exception.

But if Kate really wanted to "ruin" Rupert's wedding, she'd send Pippa. Everyone knows that she's the real scene stealer in the family.

What do you think is Kate's motivation?


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kate middleton


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LostS... LostSoul88

I tink she is going to support an old friend. 

nonmember avatar MammaMel

or she is a decent human being? I would totally without question go to my ex's wedding...he's still a close friend!

Victoria McGuire

This is just publications writing BS to get the public to buy their magazines.  She and William will most certainly attent the right one.

nonmember avatar keri 12

I think Kate wants to attend not just because of Rupert Finch, but because the bride, Lady Natasha Rufus-Isaacs, is one of Kate's friends. Lady Natasha started Beulah clothing, and Kate has worn Beulah designs several times on royal tours. Kate was wearing a Beulah dress when she and Prince William visited the Assyakirin Mosque in Kuala Lumpure on the South Pacific royal tour last year.

Joyce Anglin Miller

Why shouldn't they attend? Rupert and Natasha were at their wedding. Typical media, stirring up trouble.

nonmember avatar melinda green

If Kate and Natasha are friends, Kate wears her designs and Rupert and Natasha attended their wedding, why is the media making these twisted, nasty insinuations? ANSWER: FOR THE SAME REASON THEY DROVE PRINCESS DI' TO HER DEATH - MONEY!!!!!!!

Lucy Greenwood

she should stick to wills and avoid bad publicity as she will have a headache when the baby is born particularly if it is a girl regarding the name

Eileen F McCormick Oagley

It does not matter why she want's to go only that she want's to go ! maybe to show off her belly bump and who wouldn't or that she is happy for him and still care's we All stillcare about out our ex's if we left on good terms I would deffinalty go to my ex's wedding ! love you kate and your baby girl to be ! i just feel it's a girl lol.

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