Farrah Abraham's Latest Business Move Is Actually ... Smart

farrah abrahamLet's be honest here: It's relatively easy to make fun of Farrah Abraham. Between her inability to, well, talk; her driving around filming herself while her daughter is in the car; and her sex tape, the girl's an easy target. But, to be completely honest, Farrah's latest claim -- regardless of how much truth there is to it or not -- kind of makes it hard to poke fun at the Teen Mom. Farrah's going back to school, you guys. Yeah, it's online school. But still. School.

Abraham told TMZ that she recently enrolled in Pace University in the Lubin School of Business in order to get her BBA in Business Studies. She's apparently concentrating in Accounting and Internal Auditing and hopes to put her new-found knowledge to use in the food world. Farrah has plans to open up a restaurant at some point in the future. She said: "I'm going back to further my education. It helps my future in terms of my business goals and secures a better future for my daughter."

I mean, how do you make fun of Farrah for that? This is what she should have been doing all along. This is ... smart.

Farrah may be riding the 15-minute wave now, thanks to the boning of James Deen on camera. But we all know that her notoriety, as a form of income, isn't going to last forever. Farrah's decision to go back to school to get a degree is smart and, I've gotta say, a little surprising.

Farrah's making sure her daughter is taken care of, which is more important than anything. Whether or not her dreams of opening up a restaurant pan out remains to be seen, but at least she's giving it the old college try. And who can fault her for that?

What do you think of this?

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nonmember avatar kaerae

Spending a fortune at an online degree mill with no admission standards is smart? mmmkay.

daydr... daydreamer6170

kaerae, maybe kbow something about the collwge before posting. just because they offer some online ptograms doesnt make them a degree mill. pace is an amazing university

nonmember avatar kaerae

Do you work for them? Hiring managers laugh at them.

MyAng... MyAngels0103

Daydreamer, did you go there?

Sheena Gravell

Ive done online college and honestly it is a crock of crap. All they want is your money and leave you with a crap load of debt and hard feelings towards the school.

nonmember avatar Tina

I work for an online university that is both a campus based university and online, it has been around over 80 years, not all of them are a crock! get educated on them prior to making comments.

Desir... DesireExtraE

I hate when people make ignorant comments about "online schools." It's still school AND you get what you put into it.  Yes, it could be considered easy...if you do a half ass job and do the minimum to get by, which you can do at a traditional school as well.  I personally go to an online university, not because I couldn't get into a traditional school (I originally went to San Diego State University), but because I work fulltime and SDSU didn't offer my remaining classes that I needed to graduate during times that I was not at work. No, it's not hard, but it is a lot of work if you put in effort.  It's a hell of a lot more work than at SDSU, I can tell you that! 5 to 20 page papers due every week on top of homework assignments plus teaching yourself the subject...not that easy especially if you're not good at time management. So cut it out with the snide remarks.  At least Farrah is going to school - online or not.

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