Gruesome ‘Red Wedding’ Stabbing Scares Off Weak Fans & Leaves More ‘Game of Thrones’ for the Rest of Us

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Robb and TalisaWell, in case you haven't yet heard, episode 9 of Game of Thrones, "The Rains of Castamere," featured one of the most heart-wrenching, violent, shocking scenes in all of television, appropriately labeled the Red Wedding. Characters we've loved since the first episode of season 1 are no more -- and it's actually kind of tough to get through work today after such an emotional punch in the gut. Does that make me pathetic? Sure does.

But still, fans' minds are blown today -- some are so angry that they refuse to watch the series ever again (kind of like they threatened back in episode 9, season 1, when another beloved character died). Though the scene very closely followed what went down in A Storm of Swords, there was one twist in particular that made viewers rather indignant.

So, if you haven't seen "The Rains of Castamere," STOP NOW. Go do something else. Watch this episode first before you read about it, please. SPOILERS AHEAD.

During the Red Wedding, Catelyn Stark, her son Robb, his wife Talisa, Robb and Talisa's unborn baby, and Robb's direwolf Grey Wind are all murdered during a wedding feast. Robb was supposed to marry one of Walder Frey's daughters in a military alliance, but he married for "love" and broke his vow. To make amends, Catelyn's brother Edmure Tully was supposed to marry a Frey girl instead.

But Frey was conspiring with Tywin Lannister and Roose Bolton to have everyone slaughtered and was able to decimate the King of the North with very minimal casualties -- though he broke the guest right tradition. Let's hope he gets some bad karma ten-fold after pulling this off!

Robb getting stabbed by Bolton and Catelyn's throat being cut after she kills a Frey (it was a mentally challenged boy relative instead of one of his wives in the book) was pretty much word-for-word in A Storm of Swords, told from Catelyn's perspective. But there was one thing in particular that made the Red Wedding TV-version that much more brutal.

To kick off the violence, a soldier grabbed Talisa from behind and stabbed her pregnant stomach multiple times. It was one of the most jarring, disturbing moments of the entire scene. In the book, Robb marries a totally different girl, Jeyne Westerling, and she was never pregnant, nor does she accompany Robb and Catelyn to the Red Wedding. She is eventually pardoned by the Iron Throne.

Fans are angry that preggo Talisa dying was a part of the Red Wedding at all. I can definitely see where they are coming from -- it was extremely upsetting and shocking to watch. But her death was an added, must-watch-this-through-my-fingers element of surprise for A Storm of Swords readers. It was actually kind of nerve-racking to see her there in the first place, knowing that Robb's wife stayed behind in the book, and it built up even more anticipation of what was to come. How would she escape this alive? Could they somehow pardon her? Would they really kill off a pregnant woman? Well -- yes, yes they would. And in such a way that even the most ardent A Storm of Swords fans couldn't see coming.

Between watching a direwolf die (how could they kill a pet?!) and a pregnant woman die (how could they show that?!), a lot of fans were turned off by HBO going to this extreme. But to me, it's part of the universe of Game of Thrones, it was the perfect way to show how much Robb and his mother had lost -- and it's fiction. This actually doesn't happen in real life, though it may feel like it sometimes. As the author of the series, George R. R. Martin (who is most likely in hiding right now), said, "I think the best fiction captures life in all its light and darkness."

Okay, we're talking hella dark here, but after everything we've seen go down on the show, from all the twists and turns, deaths and triumphs, weirdness and sex -- there's no way I'll stop watching now. This show pumps the adrenaline and swear words like no other, and though it's been heart-wrenching and devastating, it's also been an incredible experience to watch it all go down. Kudos to an amazing scene and an amazing season. I can't believe there's only one episode left!

Did you think the Red Wedding went too far by including Talisa?


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2cent... 2centsCDN

I think people like to threaten that they won't watch, but they will. How could they not?

Talisa had to die or the storyline would have taken too large of a twist from the books. Robb could not leave an heir.

Victo... Victoria0785

As soon as they said she was pregnant I knew she would die. If not the Red Wedding, then later. Tywin cannot afford to let a Stark live that he does not control. The only reason Sansa is alive is that she's a prisoner, and key to getting the north to fall in line. Rickon and Bran are supposed to be dead, and they assume Arya is too because how could an 11/12 year old survive a war torn country alone? Robb's heir would not be allowed to live to grow up and rally the north for vengeance again.

this is GRRMs world, NO ONE is safe. Everryone will get theirs in the end. Can't wait to see what's coming Cersie's way!!!

Curvy... CurvyAries

I was in absolute tears, literally sobbing into a tissue when the Starks were killed at the wedding party.  Little Arya was so close to being re-united with her mother and brother, then BOOM- they're dead!  The part that made me burst into tears even more was when the men surrounded that beautiful white wolf in the stable and shot him with arrows and I heard him yelp in pain.  It was so heart breaking that while he lie on the ground dying, he was looking into Arya's eyes while she hid in the shadows.  He took his last breath and closed his eyes.  So so sad. Even though Arya despises "The Hound", he really is her protector.  He may have killed a lot of people in battle or by following orders but you can tell he doesn't want to hurt her.   I'm glad John Snow left the Wildlings, he didn't belong with them.  I wonder what's going to happen when Sansa finds out her mom and brother are dead?  I hope she goes crazy kills some of the evil Lannisters, I hate them!  I like Tyrion and Jaimie but the rest need to die!  I wonder where The Hound will take Arya to keep her safe?  This show is so addictive, I can't believe the season finale is coming up so soon.  Can't wait!

Katriena Young

Um...I guess they haven't read the books. Its in the books!!

nonmember avatar Roseita

I knew it was coming but to see it was disturbing. Games of Thrones is so addictive I can not miss a episode. I will be counting the days for Season 4

nonmember avatar PF

Stabbing a pregnant woman in the stomach was needlessly gruesome. They could have just killed her in some other way. The show's creators are the ones who have escalated things with this sensationalism as you correctly point out that Jeyne in the books survives and is pardoned by the Lannisters. The rest of the episode was riveting, but that shocking moment was over the line.

silen... silentlady

even though i knew it was coming from reading the books....still, all the feels at this sad!


"King in the North!" i will miss you

Felly... FellyScarlett

Dude, it's GRRM. Killing a pregnent lady ain't nothing. You know what you're getting into when you start watching. Anyway I read the books so I knew what was coming, but I still cried.

Felly... FellyScarlett

Also, I highly suggest NOT reading the books if this was to much. They've left some pretty gruesome things out of the show.

LadyM... LadyMinni

This is actually pretty commonplace fro GRRM. He has no problem killing people in really terrible ways, which is part of why we like him. Too many authors are afraid to kill main characters. And what, are all pregnant women supposed to be given a pardon just because they're pregnant. As soon as I saw her there I thought Walder was going to have the baby cut out of her, then killed in front of everyone. That fits in perfectly with his character.

And don't forget the end of Storm of Swords, what they did to Catelyn.

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