Khloe Kardashian on 'DWTS' Sounds All but Confirmed

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Khloe KardashianI know it's still quite a ways off -- but is anyone else as excited as I am about Dancing With the Stars season 17? For some reason, my gut tells me they're going to shake things up a bit this time around, especially when it comes to casting the show. And I don't wanna get my hopes up, but it's starting to sound like there's a valid chance of Khloe Kardashian making her DWTS debut, which would be nothing short of awesome.

A rumor about her possibly being part of the show popped up a couple weeks ago, and now that ballroom pro Cheryl Burke is pushing for Khloe to join the party -- it looks like we're one step closer to it actually happening.

I mean, the pros have to have some sort of influence on who winds up being part of the cast, right? They know better than anyone who will do well on the show and help drum up ratings, so if producers know what's good for them, they'll take the comments Cheryl recently made to Life & Style about Khloe to heart.

She said, "Khloe's got to do it. I think she would be amazing. I think she would actually win the whole thing. She looks great, and I think she has natural rhythm and I think she would be amazing."

Well, there you have it. OMG. Cheryl is so right. Khloe just has to do it! Aren't you even more excited about season 17 simply thinking about a Kardashian being part of the group? Just think about all the extra intrigue she'll add to the show -- even because people will be curious as to which family members will be in the audience cheering her on each week. (Kourtney and Scott? Kim and the baby and no Kanye anywhere in sight? Mama Kris?)

And what about her performances -- how fun will those be? Khloe has such a great, spunky personality, so I have a feeling she'll get really into the acting side of each dance and let loose and enjoy herself. Ooh! And I wonder who they'll wind up pairing her with? (If she's actually cast, of course.)

My vote would definitely be Maksim Chmerkovskiy -- but I guess it depends on whether or not he's ever returning to the show. Things really weren't the same without him last season, and don't you think he and Khloe would have awesome chemistry? If he's planning on making a comeback, he should totally do it with Khloe. (Match made in heaven. Sorry, Lamar.)

I won't lie -- I think I'm already a little too excited about Khloe being part of DWTS season 17. And if she's not? Well, that will just flat-out suck.

Do you think Khloe should do DWTS?


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nonmember avatar TrashTalkin

HELL NO . . . ban the Kartrashians FOREVER!

nonmember avatar Guest

Khloe with Tristan ..would be great, I would like to see Coco Austin on the show.

Ruth Hagenbaugh

If she's a contestant, I won't be watching. They can do so much better than that. Getting desperate with any Kardashians. That's the bottom of the barrel.

Doreen Falle

Yes! Yes! Would love to see Khloe on DWTS! I think she would be amazing, especially if Max came back and she was paired up with him!!!

Carol Morales

Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy....does she know anything about dancing, the Technics, the hard work that goes into all this dancing??? NOOOOO....all she knows is how to live of her parents money, marry some washed up basketball player and just sit around in Miami, with her other air head sister...ugh if they put her on..DWTS will lose a dedicated fan...NO REASON TO PUT HER ON....SMH...

Judith Young Murphy

Max come back ... but i vote NO Kardash, ... Max needs a good partner def. not her. someone like Tyra lol .... i want new judges ... and let the home audience vote on who shoud be dancing with who .... give us the 'stars' and the dancers and let us vote !!! i will be watching, <3

Terry Perham

Don't give to hoots about any of the Kardashians

nonmember avatar Dancing Donna

I love khloe. To me, she is a true person. Can't help her name is kardashian. Has a great personality. Her and Lamar are great together. Yes, Max is the man foe Khloe.

Sidney Ruff

Hate the Kardashians, snybody except one of them would be better exceprt for that whole teen mom girls none of them either


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