Jenna Jameson Accuses Ex Tito Ortiz of Domestic Abuse in Ugly Custody Case

Jenna JamesonFormer adult film star Jenna Jameson has taken to twitter, accusing her Ultimate Fighting Champion ex Tito Ortiz of domestic and drug abuse in the ongoing fight for the former couple's twin sons. Because nothing is more appropriate than taking your private beef with someone to twitter, right?

Ortiz has denied the allegations, saying Jameson is lying and that he thanks people for respecting his privacy. Privacy? Really?

These two have been at it for years and the people who suffer the most are not the former couple, but their two young sons. One would think they would be able to pull it together and at least pretend to be adults when it comes to the boys, but I guess not.

If Jameson is telling the truth about his drug abuse (something he also accused her of in the past) and about beating her, then there are proper channels through which these issues can be dealt with. Twitter is not one of them.

I guess being surprised that a porn star and UFC champ have issues is a bit like "learning" that the Earth is round, but after reading Jameson's book How to Make Love Like a Porn Star, I did have higher expectations.

This is just depressing.

Do you think Jameson is telling the truth?

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nonmember avatar Angela Park

The world has gone crazy! Don't know why people like to tweet, post on FB or whatever about their PRIVATE life.

nonmember avatar Renae

I can't be sure with these two. She accused him of DV a few years back, he accused her of drug use. She spoke to any camera available about how he was a woman beater, then changed her story, then got right back with him after the charges were dropped by police. I don't think she's healthy right now and IDK about him. He's not out in public enough to see his behavior .

She hosted a party at a strip club a few months ago out here in Vegas and someone told me something disturbing about her behavior that night. This is sad, very sad because it seems their relationship is volatile, she's sick and her children are watching this.

Allison James Hamm

NO, I think she's stupid, but he was stupid to marry a porn star anyway.....there nothing more then little sluts who get paid to be whores!

A-non... A-nony-mous

I used to like Jenna but she's having a major meltdown, to Amanda Bynes level, it's just not getting a lot of fame. But she's really quite ill, you can just tell. Her birthday was in April (9th) and she's still throwing herself nightclub birthday bashes all through June. She's already on probation from her DUI / driving with a suspended license, then she assaulted her assistent Britney Markham, then she lost custody of her children. She's really erratic. 

The pictures she posted of Tito's 'drug use' were all legal drugs; Bacteriosis (sterile water) and the syringes to use it, prescription strength ibuprofen, B12 and HGH. All legal, some available over the counter even. Not exactly roids and GHB. 

The bottom line is that a court not only gave Tito full custody but only allowed Jenna supervised visitation. The courts don't even trust her alone with her children for an hour. That should tell you something. She kept putting makeup and dresses on Jesse to the point where he started saying he wanted to be a girl and being very confused about his gender. It wasn't healthy for them at all with her. They're healthy and happy with Tito now.  

nonmember avatar Derek

Definitely not. She is a compulsive liar. And has made a living of of it. Much alike Anna nicole smith. Women who where never naturally that attractive or beautiful but always wanted to be so whored themselves out in order to get attention fame and money that they wouldn't otherwise get.

They have both used and everyone knows that alters your state of being to get aggressive or lie and then believe it. Neither are healthy and both need professional help it seems.

nonmember avatar Derek

And the sons are not just the real victims and sufferers which parents have caused but also I imagine need professional help in being part of such a sad media circus (though not a very big one) and being born into parents as toxic and addicts as the both of them.

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