Don Draper's Hookup With Betty May Save His Marriage to Megan (VIDEO)

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betty don the better half mad menMad Men creator Matthew Weiner may be notorious for giving as little as possible away about the show from one episode to the next, but in the most recent "Inside Episode 9" clip on AMC's site, he was willing to expand a bit on the BOMBSHELL he dropped on us on last week's episode, "The Better Half." Which, it seems, offers some clues about what we can expect a possible Don-Betty-Megan love triangle, which you might have guessed was coming down the pike thanks to the ex-Drapers' summer camp fling ... 

Weiner explains one of the main takeaways of the hookup:

It is one of the more interesting revelations in the show that Don explains how he feels about sex. And for us to know that [it doesn't mean that much to] Don ... that this is sort of like an activity and that it's not related to intimacy is fascinating.

He goes onto say that he, fellow writer Erin Levy, and the other writers wanted to show that Don can only enjoy this level of intimacy with Betty -- after all they've been through. Okay, sure, that was easy enough to suss out. Especially when they had their little in-bed tete-a-tete.

That said, it sounds like we shouldn't expect these two to continue their adulterous little stroll down memory lane. Weiner notes that Don's later scene with Megan (yes, the now-infamous one during which she's wearing the Sharon Tate t-shirt!) shows us that Don's having an "adult moment," in which he realizes he needs to commit to "what he's in" with his wife, now that his "thing with Betty is gone." Innnnteresting!

Jon Hamm chimes in with:

[Don] realizes he needs to start taking better care of himself and his relationship and everything else in his life, basically.

Sounds like they're both insinuating that Don and Betty's "reunion" was a one and done situation. That he may have even GROWN from the experience, and now, there won't be any more pining for Betty, Sylvia, or any Other Woman? Could it be that Don's on his way back to being a loyal husband to Megan? 

Weiner does say:

Hopefully, we're starting to see that there's a consciousness coming on for all of the characters about what is important to them in their life, and they're starting to look at their personal relationships very differently.

So perhaps we're on the brink of a personal revolution for Don. Or not. After all, he has seemed hell-bent on hitting rock bottom in some way, shape, or form this season, and I don't think we're quite there yet. So NO ONE will be surprised if he isn't a perfectly faithful angel to Megan from here on out.

Check out the behind-the-scenes sit-down here ...

Do you think Don's done cheating? If not, do you think he will continue to pursue Betty or Sylvia?

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youth... youthfulsoul

I wish he'd continue his fling with Berty. It's adding some much needed excitement to the show.

nonmember avatar Jen

I think Don and Betty will end up together in season 7. They share a lot of the same flaws. Both of them are selfish, immature, hot messes who only seem to love the idea of their spouses. Plus, in seasons 1-3, when Don wasn't cheating or being possessive, he was very loving and sweet towards Betty and I miss that.

nonmember avatar D

I the reason why it made most madmen fans happy to see Don and Betty together like tht is because they have great chemistry and I believe that if Betty didn't fall in love with Henry and stayed with Don, they could have had a stronger marriage but I don't think they would be faithful to each other. They only loved the idea of each other. Plus Don has mommy issues. Men with mommy issues are never faithful and I would never forgive Betty if she ruined her marriage to Henry over him.

nonmember avatar Yaya

I read in a season 3 interview with Jon Hamm that Don loved his family very much. I guess that's true, but to me I think Don and Betty were always just infatuated with each other. They had a sex life and were affectionate but not much more. I do think that they still car about each other but I don't think they were ever in love.

Anne Krulikowski

I don't want his marriage to megan saved-- I hate megan, she was even less of an equal to him than the childlike Betty. He should divorce her to show he is growing up and maturing. He should show that he doesn't need a child wife to keep innocence in his life, but he has his own core of refound innocence.

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