Nina Dobrev Won't Answer Questions About Ian Somerhalder Because She's Hiding Something

nina dobrevNina Dobrev doesn't want to answer your questions about her ex Ian Somerhalder, thankyouverymuch. The Vampire Diaries actress held a Twitter interview via Vanity Fair in which she answered fans' questions during the #AskNina social media segment, but wasn't too keen on all the inquiries regarding her relationship status.

In fact, she ignored hundreds of questions from followers who all wanted to know what the hell happened between Ian and her.

But that's her prerogative. There's no way she didn't see those Qs coming, and it sounds like she and her publicist had a game plan: no talking about Ian.

Nina was, however, happy to answer questions about her career, her workouts, and her hobbies.

She shared that she became an actress because she loved to play pretend as a kid; that the Scissor Sisters and Ellie Goulding are on her workout playlist; and that she's recently picked up salsa dancing in her spare time.

Questions like "why did you and Ian break up?"; "Brad Pitt or Ian Somerhalder?"; and "why don't you marry Ian and adopt me?" did not get a response.

Judging by the questions she did answer, Nina seems to be in a really healthy and happy place. She's doing yoga, trying new things (like salsa dancing), focusing on her career (Meryl Streep and Rachel McAdams inspire her), and enjoying the finer things in life (comfy sweatpants from Ragdoll).

Nina probably avoided all the Ian questions because she didn't want to open the flood gates, but at the same time, maybe she didn't have much to say on the subject.

When you're as happy and as grounded as she sounds, sometimes looking backwards just seems pointless.

Why do you think Nina didn't answer any of the Ian questions?


Photo via jduncan 80/Flickr

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nonmember avatar CC

Can you blame Nina for not touching any questions about Ian? The media and social networks have been bleeding them dry for weeks, jumping on every recycled article, tweet or photo. I guess they now know how Miley Cyrus feels.

Tami Creech

who cares? leave her the f*** alone,

Monica Anders

Because it's nobody's business?

leona24 leona24

Don't know don't care. She's so fake don't like her!!

nonmember avatar lexi

she's fake and I for one am glad they broke up. Ian deserves better!

areyo... areyouatroll

Obviously its a conspiracy.

nonmember avatar Katherine

I'm over their break up news. Who cares anymore. nina is fake, immature, self absorbed, selfish etc and she didn't deserve Ian to begin with. She's become a diva. And she's so fake in person it's sickening. I'm thrilled they broke up, Ian deserves so much better. It hurt my heart for so long to see them together knowing how fake she is. You will get someone more deserving of you Ian, don't you worry. There's better people then nina out there, that's for sure. :)

nonmember avatar leena

I HATE HER! she's totally fake! you can tell she was totally in it for the fame, especially with Ian. Thank god they broke up!

nonmember avatar Ananya

OK that is good,she is in a happy healthy place and having a good time...I want Ian to be in a happy healthy place,i want him to get married to someone who is like happy to get married to him today and have kids..coz i want to see his kids&him happy with his wife and living together happily ever after,basically the dream I have of him and myself..coz fact is I can never have him..and i want to live that dream through someone else till I get him in the next life&because I so want to see him holding his beautiful blue eyed babies..OMygosh,and i would never think him to be old for me not to marry him,i'd not waste anytime,i'd just tell him marry me stat or i'd have to have him do it at gun point ..:)

nonmember avatar Macy Hedger

Nina is simply a little child. I always thought Ian's feelings seemed deeper than what she felt for him. Go become a career driven woman if that's what you want. I hope you look back with great regret. Best of luck Ian.

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