6-Year-Old Dannielynn Birkhead May Become a Multimillionaire -- But Is That a Good Thing? (VIDEO)


We all remember the tragedy that is little Dannielynn Birkhead, the beautiful blonde daughter of the late Anna Nicole Smith. She never got to know her mommy, who died six months after she was born, nor her brother, Daniel, who died a few days after she was born while he was visiting Anna and Danielynn in the hospital. What a tragic, tragic beginning for any child. But luckily her father, Larry Birkhead, has seemingly done a fabulous job of bringing her up. He's kept her out of the media for the most part and in pics they seem happy and bonded. But that could all change with some stunning news -- Dannielynn might soon be a very very rich little girl.

A judge has ruled that Dannielynn may be entitled to as much as $50 million from the estate of her late mom's late husband (this gets confusing!), billionaire oil mogul J. Howard Marshall II. Anna Nicole spent years trying to get some money out of the estate of her almost 90-year-old husband, whom she was married to when he died. The only problem was that ol' Howard didn't mention Anna in his will -- and his family fought valiantly to keep her from getting her lacquered mitts on any cash. The Supreme Court eventually ruled that Anna's estate couldn't get shinola.

So it seemed Dannielynn was destined to grow up just like the rest of us -- only a bit more famous and well-dressed.

But WAIT! A California judge has reportedly ruled that because of Marshall's family's shenanigans during the estate trials (hiding important documents, etc.), Anna's estate -- i.e., her little girl -- could get up to $50 million! WOAH.

But is this a good thing? Her mom spent the last part of life doing nothing but trying -- and failing -- to get her hands on Howard's millions. His family doesn't seem to care how much it spends to make sure she got nothing -- and I'm sure they'll do the same with Dannielynn.

And let's face it, massive wealth often brings trouble with it. Dannielynn has done so well being a normal little girl. But a little girl with millions will bring a lot of media attention and various hangers-on. I wouldn't want to take millions away from anyone -- a lot of good can be done with it -- but it also seems to come with a very high price tag. Often your sanity. Fighting for millions didn't do Dannielynn's mom any good.

If she does get the money, I hope her father sets up a trust fund for her and does everything he can to make sure that it doesn't ruin her life. This little girl has enough trauma.

Do you think millions will ruin her?

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LostS... LostSoul88

I highly doubt the millions would ruin her. her dad is pretty good about keeping her away from the public eye. 

mande... manderspanders

how would she even know?  I'd presume that money would go into a trust for her and at that age, she couldn't grasp the concept.

mtsuki mtsuki

I would hope it would go to a trust fund or savings or just into taking care of her needs. Maybe some to charity.I would love to imagine her being able to grow being able to give back or not pay these high college tuitions. 

I don't think she needs to know about. She's only a child and her father seems to have the right idea, but he shouldn't get corrupted by it either. That there would be something to worry about.

Tami Price

I was gonna say that it depends on who is raising her and how! 

Tina Thomas

No...I think her father will do all he can to protect her, and if she did get it, he would make sure it was put in a trust for her. 

Jessee Mil

She's a Kid and all she prolly wants to do is play with her friends.. put the Money away until she is an Adult, i'm sure she will be fine.

nonmember avatar Teri

From what I see Dannielynn is a very happy child, she will grow into a happy teen and than a happy adult, all because of her father who truely cares and loves her.Dannielynn is one lucky little girl to have a father like him.So whether or not Dannielynn gets the millions her daddy will keep her grounded

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