'Bachelor' Sean Lowe & Catherine Guidici's Baby Talk Is a Sign They'll Last

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bachelor sean loweBachelor Sean Lowe and his fiancé Catherine Giudici don't have a date set for their wedding, but they do talk about having kids. Sean told Hollywood Life that Catherine's interested in having three children and he's cool with that. Sean is, however, a little curious what their kids will look like, and joked that their babies might come out looking like famous boxer Manny Pacquiao, because that's the only Filipino Sean knows besides Catherine, who's half Filipina.

While Manny's awesome and all, I'm pretty sure that Sean and Catherine's kids will be painfully good-looking and will, in all likelihood, come out of the birth canal camera-ready. Perhaps Chris Harrison will be there to interview the newborns about whether or not they're in this family for the right reasons?

Regardless, Sean's openness about having children with Catherine is a great sign for these two. They're already laughing about what their future babies will look like, and a couple who has fun together stays together. A similar sense of humor is the strongest glue a relationship can have.

That said, they do seem pretty cagey about their wedding. Typically, a marriage happens before kids, but Sean and Catherine seem more at ease talking about the family they want to start than the wedding they want to plan.

Perhaps it's because they have sex on the brain? Since Sean's a born-again virgin, maybe he'd like to elope in Vegas and get started ASAP on those baby-making moves.

Can't wait to meet little Manny Lowe!

Do you think Sean and Catherine will last?


Photo via seanloweksu/Instagram

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Stefanie van Eckhardt

no i don't think they will last,. its very strange they haven';t had sex yet. you would think that would be reason enough to get married sooner rather than later. When you love someone you want to be intimate at this point. though sex isn't everything it is a huge part of expressing ones love for his or her partner

Miche... MichelleCole530

Given he history of the Bachelor I don't think these two will last 

nonmember avatar Stacey

Don't bring babies into the world it is not going to last

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