'50 Shades' Movie Could Star Reese Witherspoon's 'Ex' as Christian Grey

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Matt DavisMan. Can you believe the Fifty Shades of Grey movie hasn't been cast yet? I mean, we've been talking about this film and speculating over who will wind up snagging the leading roles for months -- but we still don't have any clue who will play Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele.

And the general consensus for whoever is given the task of bringing Christian to life seems to be that he should be strikingly handsome, powerful, confident -- and definitely not some dumb jock.

But there might be a possibility of Christian being played by just that -- if a certain former co-star of Reese Witherspoon's and former Vampire Diaries star somehow manages to land the part.

Yep. You guessed it. Matt Davis has been thrown into the ring of Christian Grey maybes.

Huh. Well, he is pretty hot, so it's not a huge surprise that some folks think he might be perfect in the role. But for those of us who don't follow Vampire Diaries, all we really have to go on is Matt's role in Legally Blonde, where he played Reese's dumb and pretentious ex-boyfriend. You remember, right? Warner? The dude she followed all the way to Harvard only to find that he'd put a ring on Selma Blair's more deserving finger?

It was definitely a role that just kinda stuck with him, and I'm not sure it's one he'll ever be able to shake. And for that reason, it's probably going to be pretty tough for a lot of people to picture him as Christian Grey.

Christian may be a lot of things -- but he definitely doesn't have the dumb jock vibe going on. (Yes, I know the guy went to Harvard in the flick. But he was still kinda dumb. He couldn't even do his own laundry, for crying out loud.)

Hmm. Yeah, as hard as I try, I'm just not feeling Matt for this role.

How about you? Do you think Matt Davis would make a good Christian?


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Margaret Scott

no, her real ex would be great though.

Annie... Anniegrace

He is too old, too short and not nearly attractive enough! He is definitely NOT Christian Grey.

Patricia Rose Malloy

Why are we acting like we are so desperate to put Matt Davis on the "Christian" list?  Really...is this just to taunt us?  NO he does not fit.

tigge... tigger9280

No, absolutely not. Unless it was Ryan, then we're talking. But him, uh hell no!

nonmember avatar Tracy

He is no Christian Grey, but maybe he could make a good Jack Hyde??

Ryan Yushigo Reyes

I disagree if he become Christian Grey I won't be watching the movie... Ian Somerhalder is a perfect Christian Grey

Melissa Waters

yes! i would love him as christian

nonmember avatar Amanda

I watch vampire diaries and I loved him in it and honestly I didn't connect him to legally blonde at all...but even without seeing him as that jock type I still don't see him at Grey

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