Former 'Bachelor' Jake Pavelka's TV Comeback Will Make Him a Laughing Stock All Over Again

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Jake PavelkaBwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Oh, I'm sorry, please excuse my rudeness. I just can't seem to contain myself from laughing uncontrollably after hearing that former Bachelor Jake Pavelka might return to TV.

Yes, Jake Pavelka, a.k.a. the dude who everyone fell in love with on Jillian Harris' season of The Bachelorette, then quickly learned to love to hate when he became The Bachelor. And then he went and did Dancing With the Stars and made himself an even bigger embarrassment.

And oh yeah, then there was the reunion with Vienna Girardi where he yelled at her to stop interrupting him and made her cry on national television. (Jerk.)

And now Jake is hinting that we haven't seen the last of him.

While there aren't any details as to what exactly Jake is up to, he posted the following update to Twitter to give us a little hint: 

"Clothes shopping for a new TV project...Ugh! I’m not very good at this."

Please for the love of all that is good and holy -- let whatever this TV project is be nothing more than a figment of Jake's imagination.

I can't speak for the masses (actually, yes I can) -- exactly NO ONE wants to see Jake staring back at them from their television screens ever again.

To put it plain and simple -- the thought of watching Jake on any sort of show is just way more torture than anyone should be forced to endure.

And you know who his return to TV will hurt more than anyone? Himself. I actually feel kind of bad for the guy if he does go through with whatever this gig happens to be, because there's no way in hell it's going to be well received.

Instead of redeeming his image and making everyone adore him again, odds are good that Jake will make a bigger fool of himself than everyone already thinks he is, and then his showbiz career will really be over.

If Jake wants any shot at having a semi-normal and happy life, he really ought to just go back to Texas and try and sign on with the airlines again. (Although, if I ever board a plane and hear "this is Captain Pavelka speaking" on the intercom -- I'm getting off that thing before they shut the door. You never know when this dude's gonna snap. Just ask Vienna.)

Do you think it's a good idea for Jake to do anything TV-related again?


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CAP1015 CAP1015

But you are silent about having a blog mate on this site that is at least 1 gazillion times worse than Jake.  It's hard to take anything here serious anymore as long as Kate Gosselin is allowed to post complete lists of fiction and beg for free stuff and try sell her cookbook.  Shame on you and the other bloggers.

Jo Ann Clark

I think you are so mean. You never have anything nice to say about anyone. Get a life.

Alisa Siebert Carino

most everything i have read from this site i have completely disagreed with...not going to waste my time any further...

nonmember avatar Michael Garcia

I tell you what; I'd rather see him on 10 shows than see the Kardashians on one. They are the ones that need to be off of TV. I can't turn to any channel that has them on it and every time they do I change it. Vienna is a chock full of cuckoo and I didn't feel sorry for her. She liked to push people's buttons and she was able to push his. So it seems to me you just don't like him and that's your choice, but if you're going to call out someone, pick someone that is actually a media whore and doesn't do nothing but gets paid millions for doing it - like the Kardashians - I have never supported them and never will.

Marta Solomonson Weir

I really like Jake - and even though he shouldn't have yelled at Vienna, she was being a pain in the neck (as usual). I think he is a really nice guy with integrity.

Debra Magers

I maybe the only one out there but I liked Jake and figured he made a mistake with his chose. I even liked him on Dancing with the Stars. So, you are not talking for EVERYONE MARY!!!!!!!!!!! Vienna threw herself at him and just made herself look cheap and easy.

Jamie McGlothern

oh and... Vienna? compared to Jake.... wow, Jake's an angel in that case.

Janet Conner


Tina Pete Mcdermitt

And you think he is worse than Vienna Girardi ????? She is who made him look foolish. But if i was the man with her i would be the same way. I am a woman and i would never act the way she does. Jake is a heck of alot better person than her thats for sure.

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