Amanda Bynes Might Be Getting Sucked Into 'Teen Mom' Scandal Land

Amanda Bynes selfieQuick! What do Amanda Bynes and the stars of Teen Mom have in common? Besides being too young to know what Willis was talking 'bout or to have ever lusted after a Trapper Keeper, I mean? Got nothing?

Oh, do I have a pile of crazy to share with you! Not only did Jenelle Evans try to engage the new Lindsay Lohan in a Twitter battle, but it seems Amanda is being sucked slowly but surely into the Teen Mom world. Behold the timeline:


1. May 2 -- Jenelle Evans picks on Amanda on Twitter. The Teen Mom 2 star calls her "insane" and asks what happened to the little girl we all watched.

2. May 14 -- Teen Mom producer Morgan Freeman (no, not THAT Morgan Freeman) reaches out to Amanda ... also on Twitter. He says he has an "idea" she might be interested in.

3. Late May -- Gina Rodriguez, publicist for the one and only Farrah Abraham, begins a campaign to take over Amanda's PR. She vows to tweet at the troubled starlet every day until she gets a response and starts hashtagging #AmandaIsOnTheRise and #TeamAB.

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4. May 27 -- A Farrah fan tweets that her bucket list includes partying with Amanda and the Teen Mom ... and Farrah re-tweets it. Apparently that's her idea of fun?

So what's next? Amanda Bynes hanging with the Teen Mom crew? It could happen; they're all working pretty hard to get at her.

But let's just hope it doesn't.

Girlfriend is on a spiral that's going down, down, down, and these girls have enough scandal in their lives. They don't need her. Their kids certainly don't need her. And she needs so much more help than Dr. Drew could ever give her!

Amanda, a little advice from the interwebs, you've got your own s--t to handle. Don't get sucked into another world of scandal. It's not going to help your image any!

Do you think the Teen Mom girls should be hanging with Amanda Bynes or staying the heck away?


Image via Amanda Bynes/Twitter

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